9 thoughts on “No, It’s Not A “Race””

  1. Rand you’re right, but at the same time I’m reminded of that catchphrase: By Any Means Necessary

    If it ain’t competitive, it ain’t American!

    1. I have looked at it, but it seems what it is about is “it ain’t American”.
      Or country like Russia and China didn’t want to be involved with the US led Artemis program. But have already been working with each other, this making it organization which is publicly “a thing” which is not the Artemis program.
      Or what is good about simply not being part of the Artemis program, you got build a team to oppose it.

      1. ChiComs want to steal Russian space technology now? The Russians have been getting snarky about the Chinese attempts to reverse engineer Soviet-era military technology (particularly jet engines). Are the Russians broke enough that the Chinese could bribe them?

  2. I just snickered at a mental image of: “UN demands Russia/ChiCom Mining Base to share the wealth under UN supervision” because, you know, the Outer Space Treaty and stuff.

  3. It isn’t a race but it is a competition with players using different rules and having different objectives but the audiences will still award points through observing both.

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