6 thoughts on ““Death To Me!””

  1. …a cold wind drew around Winston as the day was fading to a gray dusk. He could not feel it, but from the corner of his eye in the fading light he caught the sight of a poster flapping in the breeze above his head. For a moment the image of a face appeared briefly before him and a tear ran down his cheek as he knew he loved Big Brother.

      1. I read it for the first time just this past October. It was quite frightening with its prescience, and progressives appear to be using it as a playbook today

        1. Actually, I haven’t read it from end-to-end. Too dark and depressing.

          On the other hand, I think I read enough to get the gist of it. But the caged rat thing, I couldn’t read past that part.

  2. If I remember correctly, and this article doesn’t mention it, but the last words of many of those murdered in Lubyanka were “Long Live Comrade Stalin!”

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