6 thoughts on “Freedom-Loving People”

  1. Once I’m vaccinated against COVID, two weeks after my 2nd shot, I’m replacing the mask with a lanyard of my vaccination record. Of course I’m sure by then there will be a vaccine resistant strain discovered. Isn’t that what the Deep State is counting on? #FollowTheScience #LiveFreeOrDie

    1. I will continue wearing a mask after I get vaccinated as long as the people who sell me groceries do, pretty much the same reason I wore a mask before the mandate, but everyone is likely to get vaccinated before I am allowed to anyway.

  2. Speaking of instilling fear; I just saw a headline that the National Guard will be staying in DC through March because of unspecified expected violence.

    This reminds me of BLM Defund the Police and a line from the song Moulin Rouge: “Why spend mine, when I can spend yours.”

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