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    1. Same here. His absences were getting more frequent, and longer. This last was two and a half weeks, I believe. His voice was weakening, and he had lost a lot of weight.

      He was a truly great man, and I’m glad he was able to enjoy what he did until so close to the end. RIP.

  1. Mark Steyn honors Rush Limbaugh as an indispensable man.

    I scoff at the idea that any one person is indispensable. Who can replace Rush? Hugh Hewitt? Dennis Prager? Mark Steyn?

    I also worry about Republicans crowing about “moving on” from Mr. Trump, who isn’t quite dead yet but who has been muzzled by the bearded billionaire with an attitude.

    If Republicans are talking about “getting their party back” from Mr. Trumps cult of personality, are they wanting to move on from Donald Trump’s outrageousness, or do they want to move back to Green New Deal Lite, Open Borders Lite, Disengaging From Foreign Wars Lite.

    Who will replace Mr. Trump? Rand Paul? Ron DeSantis (who I see is saying good things about Rush)? Kristi Noem?

    1. People think conservatism is about conserving, that it is about stasis and not change, but that isn’t true. Conservatism is about changing our government to be more in line with the founder’s ideals. Part of that means changing the Republican party.

      Trump came to power because people are not satisfied with our leaders. The Tea Party arose from that same dissatisfaction. Those emotions have not gone away.

      The next couple of decades will be rough politically. Progressive fascism is still ascending and no matter what, it will take several decades to reduce their power in education, culture, and government workforce. There is also no guarantee their power will fail. There is no natural progression where things just happen, everything is dependant upon the deliberate actions of individuals and there are two sides at play, one of whom is highly motivated to get involved to rule over every aspect of life and the other that largely wants to be left alone to live their life.

      This is why Republicans don’t get better leaders and why the ones they have get rolled by Democrats. Things are starting to change on the right but will it be enough to save our country from progressive fascism?

      1. TBD:
        1) Restore Republican Party to its base + conservative minorities in positions of power within the party.
        2) Gain super majority control of majority of State assemblies, esp. swing States.
        3) Election reform in those States.
        4) Public school vouchers for parents at the State level.
        5) Convention of the States to pass Congressional term limits, balanced budget and economic bill of rights amendments. An example of what I mean by an economic right, it would be illegal to fire someone simply for exercising their first amendment rights or to abrogate a commercial contract for same.

        1. Constitutional convention?

          Gosh, no!

          The thing about the Founders is that they thought long and hard about what they wanted, and they had not delusions that dispensing with the King of England would set everything straight.

          The story I heard is that the considered the Athenian democracy along with the Roman Republic, not only what should be done but what should not be done.

          Sure, the Constitution as a Living Document and a certain voting block on the Supreme Court, but how do you know how a modern day Convention is not going to run off the rails into feelz?

          1. If it limits its scope to only amendments I would be willing to go for it. Otherwise I see no hope for any form of Congressional term limits. The system is too corrupt to allow such a reform from within.

          2. I’d go one step further. Require a rule from day one that each amendment adopted also requires a majority vote in favor by a simple majority of States legislatures to become effective, with a sunset provision if not adopted by a date certain.

        2. I know of no one living today that I would trust to participate in a constitutional convention, especially in the era of the 24 hour news cycle and the new Cultural Revolution.

  2. There will be no replacing the man who came up with Femi-nazi’s, the Homeless Update and Club Gitmo, who taught conservative principles with humor.

    1. Teaching with humor I think was the reason Rush was a breakout success. Most people today will never know what news/political radio was like before Rush. It was boring, stuffy.

      I’ll miss Rush. My father was a big fan and got me to become a listener. Not having Rush is like losing another part of my memories with my dad.

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