5 thoughts on ““Scrap The Space launch System””

  1. I clicked on the link anyway, and got the article. I run with scripts blocked, which may have something to do with that.

    No new info, BUT, it’s great seeing articles like this becoming more common.

    As for SLS, there’s really only one foreseeable-future mission that I can see where it’s more useful that anything currently flying; direct-trajectory launch of the Europa Clipper. And, it’s lost that mission anyway (and I’m glad it did), so they’ll do a launch on something else (probably FH) involving grav assists.

    IMHO, SLS does have a valid mission, just not in LEO or beyond.
    I’d like to see it installed on the capitol mall, as a monument to “Don’t ever do anything like this, ever again!”.


    1. I’m somehow in the free-trial period, and I’m not closing the page so I can hang around in the article’s comments.

      Anyway, the SLS wouldn’t fit into the capitol’s architecture, but it would look great near the Huntsville highway exit, or at the TN/AL state line, where they currently have a Saturn I or IB.

        1. Several considering also the amount of time necessary to build the special roadway needed for the mobile launch platform to get it there at 2 mph. Could be decades of well-paying jobs.

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