7 thoughts on “The Democrats And Censorship”

  1. But it isnt censorship if your party controlled corporation does it at the behest of the party and free speech doesn’t apply to what is being censored because it isn’t free speech but hate speech, conspiracy theories, and disinformation.

  2. Then there’s the other, more insidious form of censorship I call coloration or translucentification. An example, a “news” story I ran across on a FB news feed mentioned the SARS-CoV-2 virus that originated in Hubei Province. Now after a little fact checking on my own I discovered that the city of Wuhan is, in fact, the capital of Hubei Province. So technically correct but manages to avoid the W word. What could possibly be the point of such obscurantism? I think we can all guess.

  3. I would add Glenn Greenwald to that list. He’s been appearing a lot on Fox News, but he’s still liberal.

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