3 thoughts on “NASA And The Rise Of Commercial space”

  1. Not seeing another place to put this, but I think others may be interested in this Scott Manley video about SpaceX telemetry. To provide one answer to his question of “why are they so secretive of this stuff”; I’m not sure they are, but my experience is that no good deed goes unpunished. I learned the more I shared NASA stuff that was free to share, but perhaps not as easy as a Google search to find, the more question and even demands for answers for some I couldn’t answer. You learn quick it is easier to let people find their own way.

    I can only imagine how long it would take the SpaceX PAO to explain the LOX tank video, what you were seeing and why. Scott’s video was the length of an ascent and orbital insertion. Even with his knowledge and my own, I still had questions about what I was seeing and why.

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