To Kids Who “Identify As White”

If your public school is telling you to attend a CRT struggle session, simply tell them that you don’t identify as white. Then watch them twist themselves into logical knots attempting to describe why they don’t believe you. It will drive them nuts, because the whole point of the exercise is to accuse you of white supremacy and white privilege, and if you deny being white, how can they do that without revealing their own intrinsic anti-white racism? After all, the only basis they have for it is the supposed color of your skin (these days, even if you’re Asian).

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  1. *Writes up quick essay for any kid forced into a CRT “struggle session”*

    Well teacher, my family history is pretty appalling.

    Me great great great great great great great grand mum started out in Ireland, where she had a wee baby. Then the redcoats came in and shot her and her dear husband because they supported a Catholic prince, so their baby ended up in an orphanage, where she was raped by the priests, because they’re Catholic.

    But she survived! She got married, and had a wee baby. But her husband couldn’t stand British oppression, so he rebelled, and they shot him and her, and her kid was thrown into an orphanage, where she was repeatedly raped at the girls home, because they hated Catholics.

    But she survived, grew up, got married, and, sick of British oppression, decided to sail to India. But along they way their ship was captured by Tripoli pirates, who killed her husband and sold her into slavery. But she had her husband’s baby, and then they stoned her to death because they’re Muslims. Her little girl was raised in slavery, getting repeatedly raped, because they’re Muslims.

    But she survived! Despite the slavery and rapes she grew up, but then she got captured by a band of even worse Africans, who repeatedly raped her because they’re Africans. Fortunately she got rescued by a Dutch explorer, which is like the only good thing that happened in her life. But then he repeatedly raped her because he was a racist and she was the only white girl in the territory.

    So she got knocked up and had a bastard child because the Dutch guy wouldn’t marry a woman who was constantly getting raped by North Africans. Then she got captured by a worse band of central African Muslims, who raped her to death because they’re both Muslim and African. So her husband took her baby back to an orphanage in Holland. As that child grew up in the orphanage, she was repeatedly raped because she was from Africa, and the Dutch are racists.

    But she survived! She got married to a French baker and moved to Paris. But he rebelled against the king because the bakery business wasn’t working out. They overthrew the king and made a baby. But then the rebels went nuts and she and her French husband were guillotined, so the baby was thrown in an orphanage, where she was repeatedly raped because she was an enemy of the state.

    But she survived! She grew up, moved back to Ireland, got married, had a baby, and then she and her husband starved to death during the potato famine. So their baby ended up in an orphanage, where she was repeatedly raped.

    But she survived! So that baby grew up and caught the eye of a bold British adventurer. He took her to the Pacific, where they enjoyed the tropical breezes and had a baby. But then she was captured by head hunters, who repeatedly raped her, and then boiled her, ate her, shrunk her head, and sold it at a tourist shop. So her husband took the baby and fled to India, where he was killed by some irate Buddhists. So the baby ended up in an orphanage, where she was repeatedly raped because she looked British.

    But she survived! The local British forces noticed she still had some Dutch papers, so they sent her back to Holland, where she married a nice Dutch guy and had a baby. But then the Kaiser’s troops invaded, and they shot her and her husband as suspected partisans, but not after raping her more than a few times. So her baby ended up in an orphanage, where she was beaten because they thought she was a German bastard child.

    But she survived! She grew up, married a Jewish guy, and had a baby. But then the Germans showed up again, so she hid her baby before they rounded up all the Jews and sent her to a death camp, where she was killed. But her baby was safe with a Dutch family, until an allied bombing raid blew up their house while the child was in school, so she ended up in an orphanage, where she was bullied because everyone thought she her dad must’ve been a German rapist.

    But she survived! So she grew up and moved to America, and finally, for once in this entire line of woe, one of the girls married a millionaire. They had a baby, which is my dad. Then one night they were coming home from a charity ball and were both murdered by some thugs. So my dad ended up being raised in an Asian orphanage, where he was beaten every day. That made him strong. Then he became an adult, moved back to America and took over his father’s company, Wayne Enterprises, and devoted himself to fighting all the freaks who keep raping orphans.

    If my dad finds out that you are trying to shame or humiliate me, or make me feel bad about my ancestry, he’s going to put his foot so far up your sorry racist a** that his boot will come out your eye socket.

    1. What? No UFO Abduction around by the Greys around WW-2?
      (This is the Transterrestrial Musings blog after all…)

  2. If your public school is telling you to attend a CRT struggle session, it’s time for your parents to pull you out of that school. Make the sacrifice needed to homeschool, or find a private or charter school that has not gone Woke.

    (I grok and enjoy the point you are making, Rand just the same.)

    1. I do not understand why homeschooling needs to be a sacrifice. An intelligent and inquisitive child needs only a comfortable chair, some programmed learning books or software for math, sciences and languages, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica for the rest.

      A child who is not both intelligent and inquisitive should be allowed to learn a trade rather than forced to pursue an education.

      1. Because, among other things, you’re still paying for public school, and it’s likely one parent will have to give up their job. That’s a sacrifice. It’s probably a worthwhile one, but don’t pretend it’s not there.

      2. Encyclopaedia Britannica has changed quite a bit. Not the tool you need when looking to avoid progressive fascist indoctrination.

        1. Not anything like the printed set I inherited from my Grandmother (she had a gig as a saleswoman). They went electronic in the 90’s and started have the foreign countries write their own articles about their own country … the rest is an inevitable Wikipedia-ization of the Truth™.

          1. When I was a kid (1950s) I had an Encyclopedia Americana. So I heard Buddy Hackett tell his Chinese Jews joke on TV (Asked a waiter in a Chinese restarant if there was any Chinese Jews. The answer. “Got Orange Jews and Apple Jews. No Chinese Jews.”). So I grabbed the C volume and was amazed to find an entry on Chinese Jews.

            I also had something called “The Encyclopedia of Knowledge,” published in the 1870s. It was a set of college level courses on just about everything. From it, I learned everything I hadn’t learned in school, and pretty much everything else, besides. starting with Arma Virumque Cano…

  3. “Sorry, Teach, I’ve been exposed to Death Plague 2020 and will have to be in quarantine during the struggle session.”

    “How many times have you been exposed!?”

    “They keep identifying new strains.”

  4. “how can they do that without revealing their own intrinsic anti-white racism”

    Trivially, since “anti-white racism” is, in their rubric, literally impossible.

    (Don’t say “I don’t identify as white”.

    Say “I’m not white”, and give them a deadpan stare, daring them to try and define your identity for you and declare What You Really Are.

    After all, you don’t owe white people [Because the staff doing this? Almost certainly gonna be white] an explanation of your racial identity, or a justification for it, just because you “look white” to their depraved pallorous eyes.

    You can’t beat them by playing your game at them; you can beat them with their own game, or by refusing to play at all.)

    1. Ask this simple question. Suppose I am the most backwards bug-eyed Aryan-nations-supporting Klansmen in the whole country. But I move to Nigeria, where I’m a powerless minority. According to CRT, nothing I said or did would be racist anymore. I could burn crosses on black people’s lawns and it would be speaking truth to power and standing up for equity.

      In contrast, and African-Americans who came over to oppose me would be guilty of racism, because they would be punching down at an oppressed minority, trying to keep me from living my truth.

      If the script of “who’s the racist” flips when you buy a plane ticket, then the script is garbage, not truth in any sense of the word.

      1. Not quite.

        Their theory is all about power relations between groups.

        It’s consistent at that level; it’s garbage, but for a different reason.

        The problem is the redefinition of “racist” from “racial bigot” to “racial bigot in the majority group only”.

        And trying to use the skin-suit of the first one’s compelling power as an obviously bad thing, to restrict it to the second one while excusing racial bigotry in every other case.

        1. Yep. Power relations don’t really have anything to do with it. That just moves any overt racism into the legal realm of institutionalized racial discrimination.

          Take two races who have long centuries of prejudice and enmity and a long list of grievances, such as the English and the Scottish. Sometimes they leave each other alone, sometimes they go to war, and sometimes an English king rules over both groups, and sometimes a Scottish king does.

          Is it really determined that either the English are a bunch of racists, or the Scottish are a bunch of racists, depending on what happens on the right flank of the Scottish line on a gloomy Wednesday in some random bog where their two poorly led armies ran into each other, because that’s what determines which group has power over the other one.

          It’s about as meaningful as attributing racism to a group based on a coin toss, and thus the power-relations definition of racism is useless.

        1. I never thought of Don Knotts as a hillbilly. More like a city slicker completely out of his element.

          1. I never thought of Don Knotts as a hillbilly. More like a city slicker completely out of his element.

            In the pilot episode we learn that Barney Fife is a cousin to Sheriff Andy Taylor. Hence why he’s the Deputy. Hint.

    2. Yup, contradictions are baked in and a key part of the ideology. Noticing the contradictions means you are racist or whatever othet word they use for enemy.

  5. Being called “white” is a racist epitaph. May as well be slandered as a “white nigga”. It’s a prepared death pit for those who self identify.

    Be Christian. It’s a big club. Lots of latent power. Christians are the real target of this rubbish. They and their concepts of morality.

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