8 thoughts on “The Dream Of The 90s”

  1. I saw that link elsewhere and didn’t even notice the byline.

    Pity about what Portland did to Nancy and her coffee shops, not just personally for her, but also for the public discourse.

    (That and Ristretto had the best coffee.

    Not literally THE best, but tied for it with Fresh Pot and Public Domain.)

  2. As Portland goes, so goes the nation.

    ‘Starting in January [2021], Giant Food will have updated labels on its shelves, website and mobile app to better promote products from women- and minority-owned businesses[…]

    The labels, which will roll out at all 164 Giant Food stores across the greater Washington, D.C., region, will identify products from “Women, Black, Asian-Indian, Hispanic, LGBT, Asian-Pacific, or Veteran owned”‘


    1. I’m not sure what Portland has to do with that.

      I’ve never seen a shelf label like that here, even in the Wokest Hippie Market (New Seasons).

      1. Just saying that what happens in Portland (or any other leftist enclave) often happens a few years later in ostensibly normal places.

        I haven’t seen such labels at Sprouts or Natural Grocers either, but Giant is, or was, as mundane and unpolitical as any supermarket chain.

  3. “The loudest voices are not the smartest voices.”

    Boy is that ever true these days. Maybe it always has been.

  4. I would say the “Dream of the 90’s” died, as so many other things did, in the fires of 9/11. It just took longer for the “new reality” to become apparent as we left the long holiday after the Berlin Wall Fell.

    1. They did take a sharp turn to the left there but was it 9/11 or the victory of GWB in a close election?

  5. I was born and raised in Portland (PDX).

    I moved out of state at age 31 to follow my career–teaching astronomy.

    That was just at the beginning of the microbrewery revolution. Boy, did I miss out.

    Portland, and the other larger urban centers (Salem, Eugene, and others) were already taken over by Californian ex-pats.

    Like the nation, most Oregon counties are still red. Most urban area counties are now blue.

    Most of my red (not commie red) family still lives outside Portland.

    They want me to move back.

    I love Oregon, always will.

    I’m not moving back.

    I dislike Californians. Not all, just the stupid, crazy ones.

    They’re like cockroaches.

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