3 thoughts on “Chuck Lauer”

  1. Chuck is gone? Damn. Too soon. I, and many, will miss him.

    I still have a Scottish Spaceport shot glass from one of his highly popular promotional scotch tastings at a number of the more recent Space Access conferences. Far from the primary thing he’ll be remembered for, but it added to the overall fondness for a cheerful and generous man.

    I don’t think he’ll mind if I toast him with irish whiskey tonight.

  2. This is quite a blow. Chuck was the eternal optimist, and the most entrepreneurial of the NewSpace pioneers I ever knew. He presented me with numerous ideas over the years (some not even space related), and every one of them had an astonishing depth of developmental work backing them. It surprised me to find that he was a year younger than I am, but only because he seemed to sport his white hair and beard proudly. His energy was endless, and youthful.

    Rest in peace, my friend.

  3. Sad and somewhat shocked to hear that Chuck has passed: I hadn’t realised he was also born in 1955.

    I first met Chuck at a Space Access conference back in the mid-1990s and I got to know him as one of the regulars. However, I think I saw him as many time in Europe, as he was very well known and liked over this side of the ‘Pond’, too – a true champion of NewSpace.

    Sleep peacefully, Chuck… ad astra per aspera!

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