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  1. In addition to incompetence there’s also a lack of interest (due to political agendas) in some instances. For example:
    In 2017 there were 8.6 million FBI background checks done for those wishing to purchase a firearm.
    Of those 112,000 were denied.
    Of those denied only 11% were followed up on and investigated.
    Of that 11% only 12 people who unlawfully tried to purchase a firearm were prosecuted by the US Attorneys General office.

    Enforcing existing gun laws might actually result in a reduction in gun violence, which isn’t conducive to the leftish agenda of ending private gun ownership therefore no emphasis is put on doing so.

    1. Failing a background check doesn’t necessarily mean someone tried to purchase a gun illegally. A person might not know they are disqualified. The check is there to verify if you do or dont meet all of the criteria. There isn’t a process for people to go through to find out without going through a background check.

      Asking the question, “Can I purchase a gun?”, which is essentially what the check is, isn’t necessarily a crime.

      1. It takes more than an unpaid parking ticket to lose your 2nd amendment rights. I highly doubt that only 12 of 112,000 were worthy or prosecution.

  2. Trump had lots of experience with dealing with the Mafia, being from New Yawk and all, and still, somehow, managed to stay clean enough that the Democratics need his tax returns to find some sort of evidence of some sort of technical criminal activity while getting what he wanted done.

    Trump’s big mistake was thinking and treating the Swamp Dwellers as just another Mafia that could be worked with and around.

    For future reference, when given a choice, make the deal with the Mafia– they honor their commitments and stay bought.

    1. Somewhere in the Trump org is a person who broke a rule or a law, it is inevitable. They want to fish out these instances and generate a narrative to support prosecutions.

      Maybe one job site violated OSHA rules or some worker’s probationary period went on too long before they got benefits or any other administrative issue common to large businesses. But something common would be turned unto the uncommon and used to jail and destroy Trump.

    1. +1000. You cannot redeem an organization that had J Edgar Hoover at the helm for more than 40 years.

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