10 thoughts on “Virtue Signaling”

  1. Not “Professor Lockdown” Neil Ferguson, but historian Niall Ferguson 🙂
    Great discussion with a most excellent group of “fellows”.

  2. We need a new federal law written so that, in the name of equity and social justice all sports matches end in a tie. At the end of every game clock or in baseball the ninth inning, the leading team must surrender its point advantage as reparation to the less privileged team. Overtime as we know it would be abolished since it is unnecessary. However an allowance of time should be made at the end of every game so that the previously leading team’s players and coaches can verbally apologize for abusing their skills and talents to take unfair advantages over their opponents in artificially constrained contests that gave them a systemic advantage. Or why wait until the end of the game? Instead impose truth and justice timeouts and penalties.

    1. And in track and field every runner gets their own clock which time period has been justly adjusted. And in field the mass of discus, shot put and javelin adjusted etc. Equity for all!

  3. I was never a baseball fan…scratch that, I had sports antibodies. Then I married my lovely Kathleen, who, like me, was born in Chicagoland, and has been an ardent Cubs fan her whole life. One of the happiest moments of my life was the when the Cubs won the 2016 World Series, as we experienced it together.

    When the NFL started this “taking a knee” BS during the National Anthem, Kat remarked on how MLB would never allow such things. Indeed, I saw the down-to-earth Americanism of the Cubs players, and their work in the local communities. Anthony Rizzo, in particular, with his work – as a cancer survivor – with children who have cancer, but all of the MLB players are in some way involved in community outreach. In my opinion, this is the real America, and MLB has always supported it.

    But then MLB pulled this crap with the Georgia election laws. I was really disappointed to find that one of my favorite Cubs, Jason Heyward, was on the side of the MLB action.

    I know that the Georgia election law has been grossly misrepresented by the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), so I can kind of understand the players’ support of the MLB action. It’s just a shame that MLB management caved so quickly to the disinformation and propaganda.

    1. I forgot to mention the spectators as well. These miscreants who revel in watching one team’s dominance over another serve no useful purpose in sport and should be banned. Those who have participated in the past should be required to attend therapy sessions where their own unhealthy obsessions with the false narrative of “the win” can be exposed as the blatant exploitation that it is.

      Of course for Cubs fans, such as myself, fortunately it appears the therapy is needed only once every 100 years or so. Once Universal Healthcare is adopted Cubs fans should be thanked for saving taxpayers dollars!

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