9 thoughts on “The New Deputy Administrator”

  1. It is the Biden method of having a figurehead and an underling to run the show. Part jest but this is the same thing people were talking about with Bridenstine, a politician to deal with the politicians and someone more technical to provide gravitas and make sure the nerd stuff gets taken care of.

    NASA needs a good leader. That person doesn’t need to be a nerdy nerd, as NASA’s staffing choices have shown, expertise is secondary to other considerations. I hope Melroy’s leadership ability is up to the task. She has a nice resume but with all government critters, it is hard to tell how they will perform.

  2. Note the order of priorities in her statement. Spaceflight is now a secondary objective at NASA.

    1. She’s just being politically correct prior to confirmation. It has nothing to do with what she’ll actually do (any more than NASA ever actually did “Muslim outreach”).

        1. Since we are all literally dying in a climate apocalypse, you should be depressed. Don’t even think of turning off the tv, ignoring the curated internwt news, and going outside to see how wonderful life is.

          1. I, for one, enjoy re-arranging the deck chairs as the ship sinks! And I’ll do it with my AC set to chilly!

      1. Yep, agreed, she’s just being politically correct. What she’s doing is called Gleichschaltung, in the original German.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see that outcome (and outcry) of NASA downselecting HLS solely to SpaceX. Not to mention Blue being allowed to rebid just before the downselect and reduce its bid by 60%. I wonder if it’s the NASA bureaucracy setting up to tell Congress if they want more selectees, they need to vote more money? I also wonder at SNC spinning off its space systems division just before the downselect as well.

  4. This is awesome! I’m really happy for both Pam and NASA. She’s the only person who has commanded a Space Shuttle mission (flown on three), worked at a high level in the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation, and worked military space projects at DARPA, who has been put in a high position at NASA. I had the privilege of working for her at both FAA and DARPA, and know her amazing capabilities.

    Wodun, you have no idea what a formidable – and effective – leader she is. I’ve worked for a number of high-power individuals (including Dan Goldin, at TRW), and have never seen anyone her equal. I would be happier if she were the Administrator, but this is just a hair less of a good thing.

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