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  1. People are jumping to conclusions on all sides. We don’t know what transpired before the cop showed up. The neighbor has video, but all I have seen is a short clip.

    Were the girl with the knife and her dad justified in the use of force? How did the confrontation start?

    The body cam footage doesn’t look good for a self defense case for the girl with the knife or her dad when he kicked the girl on the ground.

    Maybe the cop saved a life or prevented a brutal stabbing but it could be the lady in pink was an aggressor initially. That wouldn’t excuse the girl with the knife going after her as the video shows but I bring this up to show we don’t know how this started.

    1. When you’re making threatening gestures with a deadly weapon and a cop tells you to drop it, the best move is to drop it before they drop you. At that moment, all the cop sees is one person threatening another with a deadly weapon. They aren’t going to have the time to try and figure out who started it until things are under control.

      1. Exactly. Being in the right won’t save you if a cop orders you to drop your reply and you don’t comply.

        Source: Been there. Did not get shot.

      2. Certainly but we shouldn’t make judgements based of snippets of information. After all the events the media has manipulated over the last six years, we should all be more skeptical while looking at these events right after they happen.

    2. So reportedly, the other girls, recent foster kids at the same house, showed up for knife-girl’s birthday party, and then they got in an argument about the knife girl’s room being messy because she hadn’t made her bed. At that point, knife-girl didn’t have any option other than killing them all.

      1. That explains why the “dad” was trying to kick one in the head after knife girl shoved her to the ground.

  2. If someone is mere inches away from me brandishing a knife and threatening to kill me with it I want any nearby cop to shoot that person not try to have a dialog with them.

    But since I carry I would probably have already taken care of that myself.

    1. If someone is close and pulls a knife, the odds are good that they’ll be able to stab you before you have time to pull out your concealed firearm and shoot them. This is especially true if they have the element of surprise on their side.

      1. I was taught that the first rule of defending against an attacker or bad guy with a knife is “you will get cut”.

        Any consideration beyond that is a matter of how much and how deeply. Even if you immediately start side-stepping or backing away as you draw.

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