5 thoughts on “Trump’s Biggest Failure”

  1. I would say the Republicans from career political representatives like Sessions to career bureaucrats like Barr share a weighted amount of that blame. They protected the FBI from Trump.

  2. What would indicate to anyone that the FBI had become so corrupt under the Obama regime that it would pull this kind of stunt? Who would believe it was so rotten that a large number of management agents could do this without a single whistle blower breaking the story from the inside?

    The next GOP President, who isn’t a member of the “Swamp” should do what Hillary Clinton did – clean out the DOJ and install his/her own people.

    1. Yes, Democrats clean house whenever they are elected and make sure that career positions are filled by partisans. The GOP should do the same.

  3. The FBI went criminal and needed dealt with but so did the CIA. Not dealing with which one counts as the biggest failure?

    The shocking thing is that no one at these agencies stopped what was happening.

  4. Swamp In Point

    Trump considers idea to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Intel agencies “leak” Russian/Taliban troop bounty fiction, tying Trump’s hands.

    Biden announces total troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by 9/11/21.
    Crickets. Maybe Intel agencies are hoping he’ll forget?

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