New VB Problem

So, I gave up on trying to solve the problem, but just found a page that explains how to install it properly, and when I followed those instructions, it went fine.

Now when I try to create a new Windows machine, from what appears to be a good Windows boot disk (and the one that I created my previous Windows machine from), I get a message “Creating process for virtual machine,” at 0% progress, and it’s stuck there. I’ve done a search, and come up pretty much empty. Any ideas?

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  1. Try to create a VM for a machine you don’t need a boot disk for and see if that works. Like Ubuntu Linux for example.

  2. Rand, what I’m about to suggest may be bunk because it’s based on creating VMware VM’s under Windows 7, but… I had a similar issue.

    The problem was I’d neglected to set the correct environment parameters for the VM (memory and CPU, in my case). It froze at 0% installed. I changed the setting to 8 gigs RAM and one CPU and it (windows 2000) installed fine.

    A similar issue I had was failure of the VM to detect the CD drive. It had detected one, though not the one I was trying to use. (the fix was to put the CD in the drive the VM could detect. Oops.).

    Good luck.

  3. Does it actually start to boot the disk? Is the “disk” a real dvd connected via an SATA port, or is it an attached iso file (preferable).

    If it doesn’t start to boot, then there’s something wrong with the VB installation. Are you still trying to create VB by compilation, or are you using a known compatible package (preferred, in your case some sort of yucky rpm, in mine a deb file)>

    1. Well there is a small chance Rand has placed his Windows disk upside down in the electric cup holder. 😉

      If an install worked on a downloaded iso then it’s worth checking that you have the right device paths etc. given for the disk install.

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