8 thoughts on “The Latest BS About January 6th”

  1. Surely John Podesta’s home was raiding by the FBI for FARA violations and Raz’s home was raided by the Seattle Police and ATF for firearm violations and its not like people at the DOJ who illegally spied on the Trump campaign are getting promoted to positions advising the FISA court.

    Are there any men or women in the DOJ with integrity or all they are corrupt?

    Who would be surprised to learn that federal employees and the Democrat party profit from human trafficking and sex slavery by partnering with the cartels in Central and South America?

  2. Jan. 6th has to have been one of the worst organized ‘insurrections’ of all time, because it wasn’t. Love that one-time Capitol Hill trespassers are being actively prosecuted, some have been in jail now for weeks if not months. While the Portland rioters and arsonists get the revolving door and go back to their comfortable white collar jobs. Some undoubtedly in the health care professions, which is the most obscene of all outcomes.

  3. Nothing quite says “we won an honest election and have the support of the American people” like barbed wire barricades and National Guard troops indefinitely stationed in the capitol.

      1. I deleted all my social media accounts on Jan 6th.

        The door on my rural mailbox fell off due to corrosion back in 2019. For transparency reasons (or maybe just sheer laziness), I have never replaced it. 🙂 If my postmaster ever complains, I’ll reply “Why, what do you have to hide?”.

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