Gwynne Shotwell

An interesting interview.

[Update a few minutes later]

Elon shows the way: ” The promotional video, captured and shared on the Chinese social network Weibo, shows two different concepts for achieving suborbital passenger flights about two decades from now. What is interesting about the video (which I’ve mirrored on YouTube) is that the first concept looks strikingly like SpaceX’s Starship vehicle. It shows a large vehicle capable of vertical takeoff and vertical landing. “

You don’t say.

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  1. “VIA SATELLITE: Many women in the industry look up to you as a role model. How are you using your position to encourage other women in the space industry?”

    She is probably dreaming of the day when people look at her as a competent executive and not define her existence around sex. Why wouldn’t all people, regardless of sex, look up to her as a role model? From a left wing perspective, isn’t having people of your own group, women, see you as a role model a trivial thing if not an obligation? Wouldn’t a greater barrier to knock down be getting those sexist racist close inherently close minded men to think of her as a role model?

    From a craft perspective, isn’t this an incredibly lazy question that she likely has to answer in every interview? As an interviewer, isn’t there an obligation to respect the subject’s time by at the very minimum applying some creativity to come at this question from a different angle?

    She handled these questions well by turning it from “women” into “people” with different backgrounds and ways of thinking rather than skin colors while treating these people as having their own autonomy and desires that could lead them to trying to get a job at SpaceX or perhaps taking them down a totally unrelated path.

    I’m sure her views trend left but it looks like she holds her job in such high regard that she wont let the company devolve into the Progressive Fascist craze sweeping through her peer groups.

      1. Yeah, it was just an assumption based on the trends of our rich folk. Would be thrilled to be wrong.

  2. The Dagny Taggart is strong with this one. The corollary is amazing if not a little uncanny.

  3. Gwynne has two kids by a previous marriage to Leon Gurevich. Unless she named one of them Mikoyan, I’m going to doubt her seriousness, because any strong aerospace family would want to have a little Mikoyan Gurevich running around.

      1. Microcosm was one of those companies which I wish had succeeded but never quite got why they failed. Was it a lack of market, or failed design or what?

        For for the kid’s name it would have obviously had to be Mikhail, otherwise the kid would have two last names.

    1. Had that been the case, a play date with Elon’s kid at Gwynne’s house would be reported as “XAsh/A-12 seen at opening of Mikoyan Gurevich’s new designer bureau”.

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