One thought on “The Intellectual Frontier”

  1. “One of the most subtle threats to any civilization is a decline in its ability to approach the unknown. ”

    It is evolutionary and how it manifests can be positive, negative, or neutral but people, often our best and brightest, lack the self awareness to mitigate this human foible. Wretchard notes uncertainty requires flexibility and our current societal elite are inflexible, close minded, and authoritarian.

    “Subversion by market innovation is perhaps the only known counter to the deadening hand of ideology, and if inquiry won’t come from the Woke academy something else must be encouraged to compete with it.”

    Creating separate competing systems is needed but how easy is it for your local bank to get crushed by the Progressive Fascists if it isn’t already controlled by them? In a society dominated by Progressive Fascists, how would innovation from a system that uses dead drops and something like a backdoor internet be implemented in the larger society?

    There is another condition as old as humanity, autonomy comes from having FU money. The analogy is a little imprecise because it requires more than money. We can’t all be Elon Musk and if he didn’t ding some bells for those who think we live during an apocalypse, he wouldn’t be safe either.

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