6 thoughts on “Saturday-Night Live”

  1. If some of the actors can’t bother to participate, then I see no reason to watch. Elon was an opportunity to keep SNL relevant to a significant audience. They are squandering it by pandering to the staff.

    1. I often thought about becoming a professional audience member. First I’d get steeped in all the latest wokeist theory and inside jokesterisms so that my laughter could be genuine. Then I’d do an internship on like Bill Maher’s show (confession: when he avoids the dogma, IMO he can be funny). Then upon receiving my Certificate From the Ministry of Funny Wokes, I could then graduate to being a paid member of Steven Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel’s audience. Because, frankly, for me to sit through their shows, you’d have to pay me. Anyway, hey SNL I’m available! Alternating Saturdays starting in June. You’d have to pay my commuting costs and my hourly rate of $250/hr, which just about buys a decent meal in NYC.

  2. Rand, watch the highlights on YouTube the next day. Maybe 10 minutes out of the 60 is funny (at best). Gives you 50 minutes back. I use that 50 minutes to watch hardcore porn

  3. The Mars Colony skit the best.
    I DID say people would die on Mars ….aaand
    I was never here….

    Relax and keep your helmet on everyone!

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