12 thoughts on “The Woke Religion”

  1. “McWhorter added that it won’t stop them from calling you a racist but by ignoring those attacks and going about your business you can demonstrate that “screaming that you’re a racist isn’t going to get them what they want.” He added, “We need to start telling them no.””

    Calling people racist is the point, the attack isn’t based on anything someone did or something that can be changed. It doesn’t matter what a person does, Democrats will always call them racist. The only issue with telling them no, or to f off, is that they control government, education, and many businesses, so in some contexts it can work but not in some very important ones.

  2. If going to have religion of sacrificing trillion of dollars to
    we need the lamp post hanging ritual.
    So say 100 people who are members of this crazy religion must
    be hanged each year. And of course, it’s member of the faith who decide which member must be hanged. And anyone sane, may choose or not choose to watch this ritual.
    And needs rules and I would suggest there are 13 judges, who make the final decision- and judges might also decide that a couple of 13 judges can also to hanged- due to the court judgement 7 to 6 or more, deeming some of judges screwed up.
    So you have all kind committees which charged with making their 100 person yearly quota, which can be appealed all the way up to the 13 judges.

    1. As the left will point out, we’ve had that in the past. They say that defines who we are today.

  3. My basic philosophy is that there is one race, the human race. Everything else is clans, tribes and bloodlines.
    My life philosophy was best stated by Bill & Ted: “Be excellent to one another and…
    Party On, Dudes!”
    Someone can call me racist all they want. Doesn’t make it true, and since I’ve matured into a crusty old white dude I’m more than happy to laugh in their face.

    1. It’s a reference to Calvinism; the “Elect” of God being the only people who won’t go to hell.

  4. “The people of Asia were slaves, because they had not learned how to pronounce the word ‘no’.” Winston Churchill

    This balances nicely against the right wing meme, replying to the sophistic word babble from linguistic left wing pedants: “yes”. With a silent emphatic, F-off added.

    1. Wow, I thought that the people on the right always going off about Musk profiting off government money were a little wacky. The replies to that tweet from Democrats are insane, some of them are even “science” people.

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