10 thoughts on “The Cruel Ritual Of Diversity Training”

  1. I would tell the trainers that what they’re doing is absolutely pointless. Say 35 white people go into the class and get hector for being racist because they’re white. But since they’re racist because they’re white, not because of anything they may or may not believe, the 35 white people will still be racists because they’ll still be white when the class is over. After ten or twenty years of such anti-racism training, they’ll still be racists because they’ll still be white, and the training holds that all whites are racist.

    If the trait is immutable, as the instructors claim, then hammering away on it is pointless, because the trait is immutable.

    1. Oh, there is a point to the training. The instructors are getting paid. These are people who have no other marketable skills and would normally be unemployable.

      1. Not only are they being paid, but they’re being paid to be intentionally cruel to other human beings.

        The folks at Stanford would be proud.

    2. You can’t force people to love one another, but you can certainly force them to lie about their feelings.

  2. In the mid 90s layoffs (250,000 in Orange County, CA alone) The Boeing engineering staff was addressed by management. The high level manager told us to look around the room – it was a room full of white males – he said that within a few years, only 15 percent of the engineering staff would be white males. I thought this was ludicrous at the time. I was duly laid off but was called back as a consultant and then as a full employee a couple of years later. Damn if that manager wasn’t right. I was one of only two “white males” in a team of 10. When I hear the term “systematic racism” this is what comes to my mind.

      1. Boeing’s fortunes certainly took a downturn from that point – usually attributed to importing Mcdonnell management. I have no idea what their makeup was after 2010 or so unknown if 737 was a function of their affirmative action policies. I also worked on a Northrup – Grumman (formerly TRW) proposal around 2010 which was virtually all white males.

  3. I do notice one thing not mentioned in the article, or in comments, so far. Whatever the *lack* of effect on racism, there *is* an increase in one behavior, … specifically, behavior of looking to members of the academic hierarchy as the primary deciders and testers of moral behavior. I would suggest that this is a *very* large part of the motivation for this training in the first place.

    Racism is unaffected. But racism is superfluous to the most desired behavior. That behavior is, in handing over to the academic hierarchy the judgement about who is moral and who is not. It happens when the student’s butt hits the seat in a classroom where they know their moral character will be judged. This is the first step in setting up a conveyor belt for the affected student population, to bring them into a far more comprehensive level of control by academic hierarchs than has been the case for the entire history of the industrial revolution.

    1. I think you’ve nailed it. In medieval times in Europe it was rule by royal and church decree. Then the breakout to America, and it put all that on its head. Now the secular ruling credentialed elite of academia is attempting to assert itself. The breakout to Mars can’t happen soon enough….

  4. “Elliott staged a world in which her radical view of race relations in the country was produced within her class of white students. Brown-eyed students were collared, ostracized, insulted, and bullied by their teacher and the blue-eyed students. Then the process was reversed, and blue-eyed students became the targets.”

    Ahh, so we need to have all potential and current teachers pass psychological screenings to weed out psychopaths. How many teachers would need to be fired for failing this screening?

    “If you want to see a decrease in the level of racism in your society, the first thing you have to do is let white people find out how it feels to be on the receiving end of it.”

    This is something Obama has said frequently as well as the other Progressive Fascists. Social Justice can’t happen without punishment and they mean to punish innocent people so they learn what it is like. “You disagree that there is systemic racism? Then let us make you live under a system of systemic racism so that you know what it is like. Maybe you will believe us then.”

    When Democrats destroy the police departments, they will be rebuilt with party members who will carry out policing based on Democrat party ideology and just like in CHOP and other Democrat no go zones, there will be no trials, no presumption of innocence, and no proportional use of force. It will be open season, like in Cambodia and China.

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