5 thoughts on “The Geography Of Covid”

  1. Ocean settlements could be cure. Low income ocean settlement or low income beach living.
    The key is ocean property which available to buy and that per acre it’s sold cheap. So need cheap breakwater per mile. Floating breakwater which stop all big waves {and the small ones}.
    Such breakwaters would also lower damage from violent storms on current beach properties and “solves” rising sea levels issues as waves would be reduced [though storm surges and tides would be unaffected}in terms damage from sea level rise, large waves are significant part of it.
    In terms of surfing, with some added cost, one could add some surfing beaches with to ocean settlements.

  2. While the changes due to covid are profound, my take is that we likely will be back to normal in a few years due to vaccinations. It’s too early to look for what ends up being permanent.

    Things like crime, corrupt government, or the decline in large industries have had a larger impact in the past than pandemics did.

    1. They’re already claiming the vaccines don’t work against whatever mutation is in India. Which isn’t surprising, as it appears that natural immunity to coronavirus targets the main body of the virus, not the spike. Presumably the spike can change a lot and the virus will still replicate, whereas if the main body changes too much the replication won’t work.

      Besides, this is just a harbinger of the future. The real threat isn’t from something that may or may not be natural, but from something that most definitely is manufactured.

      No-one’s going to want to live in a city when teenage kids can make a killer virus in their basement. Cities of the size we see today were only possible because disease was controlled, and pretty soon it won’t be any more.

  3. “What does it mean for the future of cities?”

    I would say nothing, but there are so many people scared out of their minds that the city people will be changed for the rest of their lives. Far too many of them abandoned any sense of decency toward their fellow Americans who didn’t jump through all of their necrotic hoops and that is a bad sign for how they will treat people under other circumstances.

    “Overcrowded bars, restaurants, and other retail establishments are also a part of the problem. ”

    I’m sure they would like to depopulate these areas but wont do much about mass transit or living conditions.

  4. “corrupt government”. Not all corruption is government but pretty much all government is corrupt.

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