9 thoughts on “The New Space Council Secretary”

  1. An oil and gas promoter. Hmm interesting sector. Given that being the qualifications I guess were lucky it wasn’t experienced Hunter.

  2. Is there something than her not being totally insane like other Democrats that makes her a bad choice? It really is stunning how popular electric cars are but Democrats still want a totalitarian dictatorship that controls every aspect of people lives. It is almost as if being dictators is more important than whatever BS they say about the climate on any given day.

  3. You expect a good choice from JoeTato Head, of the State?

    Better than Ballast Nelson?

  4. No one in this administration is actually qualified for the job they have. It’s like they are just pulling names out if a hat. That’s what happens when you are running a government with 0 accountability and 0 leadership. The inmates start running the asylum.

  5. These two articles taken in total would seem to indicate that Ms. Horn has little good to say about commercial space, and specifically NASA farming out Artemis. More of the Apollo 2.0-type.
    Having lost her House seat to an extremist Republican Handmaiden who voted against certifying the election, I guess this is a nice consolation prize.

    1. Those articles are rather slim but much more substantial than the NASAWatch comment. Contractors retaining ownership of their products are key but what is the context? It really depends on the specific missions.

      She really should have just dropped out of the race anyway in the name of social justice.

      1. Clearly what is needed is a Lunar Jones Act. All craft delivering US cargo and personnel to US bases on the lunar surface must be NASA-built, manned, and owned. Its the only way to ensure equity. Maybe Ms. Horn’s remaining friends in Congress can push that through this session.

        1. What remains controlled by NASA and what isn’t will be interesting to see. I think you can always make a case for one or the other depending on the circumstances.

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