12 thoughts on “Sharing Office Space With Terrorists”

  1. Terrorists or government employees? It’s getting harder and harder to tell these days.

  2. You know, they could have read that building directory thing right next to the elevator buttons?

    Or are they people who interrupt you by poking their head into your open office door asking, “Can you tell me where Hamas is located in this building?”

    1. It’s possible the directory contained misspellings, and they genuinely thought Hamm’s Bewing Company had an office there.

  3. So, investigative reporters were sharing a building with terrorists, and claim not to know.

    As for the terrorists, they were sharing a building with reporters.

    For the reporters to be unawares, it would take mind-boggling incompetence on their part.

    For the terrorists, on the other hand, why would terrorists want to share a building with the press? Obviously, they had no fear of being found out, so must have viewed the press as either a willing accomplice or willfully blind to the fact they were being used as human shields.

    I think the question that needs to be posed to the AP is, “Will you investigate who in your organization allowed your staff to be used as human shields?”

    1. An AP reporter who worked there did a story a few years back about how they knew Hamas occupied the building. Don’t have a link to it but IIRC, it included tidbits like AP staff getting beat. So, not only did they know but the AP and other outfits covered for Hamas and allowed themselves to be used as human shields.

  4. Would you be surprised to find out that the press was “encouraged” to use that building? I wouldn’t. Just the antennas on the roof would put it pretty high on my target list along with every cell tower.

    I’d bet the only reason they haven’t targeted the cell towers is because they’re listening in. The jihadis are really bad at any sort of comm security, especially if all they have to do is pick up a cell phone.

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