Top Fifty In Space Tech

This is kind of cool, but that and five bucks will get me a double quarter pounder with cheese.

And if that’s really Marcia Smith, it’s definitely a new look for her. They have Elon, but I think that leaving out Gwynne was a miss.

[Update a while later]

Per the discussion about Mickey D’s prices, I never order a meal, just the sandwich.

15 thoughts on “Top Fifty In Space Tech”

  1. Congratulations… on finding a double quarter pounder for $5. You say it has cheese too? Is that one of the perks for making the list? The McDonald’s in Brownsville sells them $7, so I’m sure Elon will be happy for the perk.

    1. I actually got charged $11 once for the #9 combo, which is two cheeseburgers, large fries and a coke! Now granted this was a McD’s off a rest ramp on an Interstate Hwy on state owned land in a deep blue state. So maybe it was a rental situation. Or maybe it was the large fries and coke? But nonetheless, never again….

      1. maybe it was a rental situation. Or maybe it was the large fries and coke?
        Pretty sure it was mostly the elevated minimum wage.

  2. Sharing any list with Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson … What an “Honor”, I think the double cheeseburger is far more worthwhile.

  3. Kind of surprised Scott Manley isn’t part of that list. The guy has been using Kerbal Space Program to illustrate all sorts of concepts in rocketry and space travel for years, plus all his work on asteroid maps in the early 2000s.

    1. David Livingston of the Space Show should be on there. I didn’t go through the whole list but it looks like Twitterati.

  4. God know what kinda of Algorithm they are using to generate that figure Bigelow, Zubrin and Rutan should also be there, hell even Leik Myrabo. Though the list is “personalities”, and you certainly are opinionated, which maybe what it ranking. Zubrin isn’t shy with his opinion though.

  5. Congratulations Rand!
    It’s a good list, but as previously mentioned here, Robert Zubrin should have been on it. I was happy, though, to see that Tim Dodd, the “Everyday Astronaut,” made the cut.

  6. Yeah, Scott Manley should be there and leaving out Gywnne makes me doubt the worth of the list.

  7. I hope they didn’t pass over the brilliant space reporting at the UK Daily Mail, which just ran this headline:

    ‘Delighted’ Richard Branson hails Virgin Galactic’s first spaceflight in two years as rocket ship VSS Unity becomes first to reach orbit from New Mexico base

    *Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo spacecraft successfully made its first rocket-powered spaceflight since 2019

    *It took off from New Mexico’s Spaceport America Saturday, and is the first rocket to reach orbit from the company’s new facility

    That puts Virgin Galactic way ahead of NASA and SpaceX, who are still depending on reaching orbital velocity to stay in orbit.

    1. Congratulations to Branson for achieving orbit without even trying. That must be why he is in the top 50.

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