7 thoughts on “The Hammer And Sickle”

  1. National Socialism divided the people using the criteria of race.
    Classical Communism divided the people using the criteria of class.
    Neo communism now divides the people using the criteria of race.

    If it walks and talks like a Nazi …..

    1. True but there was a lot of racism in the USSR, China, and the Western Hemisphere commie countries.

      1. True, but their political theories pretty much ignored race in their own countries – but employed it when it was useful in attacking the US.

        Western “Neo” communism is one more tailored for the west since class isn’t a particularly divisive issue – so they went with race instead.

        1. Au contraire. China (and Japan) are the most racist countries that have ever existed, independently of their political systems. China is on the verge of economic collapse because of its low birthrate, which has been far below replacement for a very long time. Only immigration would save them, but a) no one wants to relocate there, and b) the Chinese would not allow anyone entry because they are racist and xenophobic.

          Imagine being that xenophobic. One could never have photographic flashlamps, or high-power pulsed ruby lasers. Just sayin’…

          1. China is on the verge of economic collapse…

            Care to predict when that happens? Within a year? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years?

  2. Search “Who bankrolled Hitler” then search “Who bankrolled Lenin”. Have fun in the tesseract.

  3. Socialism is the step stool to communism. The Nazis and Communists were kissing cousins, and that is one reason why they occasionally joined forces against the Weimar republic.

    There is literally nothing “right-wing” about Hitler and the Nazi party.

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