7 thoughts on “Racial Inequality In America”

  1. People who wish suicide for the Human Race are probably suicidal themselves.

  2. “On the other hand, we elites must also counter the demonization of young black men which the larger American culture has for some time now been feverishly engaged in.”

    Redemption is a core aspect of Western Civilization and prior to the 90’s, kids getting into trouble was expected and encouraged. Even in the military, relatively minor legal infractions are career killers now. It matters what kind of trouble kids get into and what they do after.

    Redemption is the act of an individual’s choices.

    There is no one more responsible for your welfare, than you. Knowing this is how you make good decisions about things that impact the rest of your life.

    There path to redemption for the black community isn’t collective. People can help, outsiders can help, but it will take individuals to consciously make choices that better their lives and to pass on those traits to their children.

    IMO, evangelizing personal responsibility, resilience in the face of hardship, other aspects of Western Civilization, and a lot of stuff from the current Entrepreneurship hustle would all help but it takes individual’s deliberately choosing a better path and when enough individuals make the change it will look as if society magically transformed.

    It also wouldn’t hurt if we dismantled organized crime but I think too many politicians and law enforcement managers have been bought off. That is a big reason why it takes individual action. Politicians and law enforcement wont help you.

    1. Dismantling organized crime would require killing the biggest crime ring ever, the Democrat Party. It’s an organized crime ring that uses politics as a means to their ends.

      1. Mark Twain drolly opined, “There is no distinctly American criminal class, except Congress.”

        The Democratic Party, I think, would have been a more accurate target.

  3. and the purge of the campus blasphemers.
    This reminds me of our old collegiate evangelist. He used to make the circuit of many Big Ten and other University campuses. He’d stand out on our Quad on a hot late summer early fall day and harangue the student body to repent or else. At our school he only got in trouble once, when he came in the late spring and began his uniquely loud oratory during school finals week, when the un-air conditioned Chemistry Dept classrooms had their Quad facing windows open. That particular time got the Campus Police called and he was removed for disturbing the peace. He returned later at a more opportune time.

    Now it appears to be just the opposite. The haranguers are now the ones giving the finals.

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