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So I reinstalled Windows 10 as a virtual machine, and I did it without a product key. It seems to be working for why I have it, to run a trading platform. But I see a message saying “Activate Windows: Go to setting to activate Windows.” Since it seems to be working without being “activated,” what does this even mean?

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  1. This is the constant state of my Windows 10 VMs. It’ll be fine. There are a few things that are locked out without activating (changing the desktop background, some other customizations) but it’ll keep chugging along just fine. It’ll even (annoyingly) do windows updates. You can probably run the Pro version and get around that, but I never wind up bothering.

    I use mine for testing, for accessing client networks (keeps me from managing a bunch of VPN stuff in my usual work machine), and whatever else. Any time I needed a Windows-only app when I was given a Mac for work as well.

  2. After a month or two, the activation nagging will get more intrusive.

    If you want a to activate with a real windows key for just a couple of bucks, you can look on aliexpress, and get a real turkish windows key emailed to you instantly.

  3. I already commented on this before but in your typical blaise fashion blew it off
    Luckily Microsoft keeps watering down the crippling part of the validation feature. Microsoft at this point rather you use their software in a safestate and also have hooks in you for other potential revenue generation via the cloud .
    It just be a nag and have a watermark and few other cosmetic nuisances but you get updates and should be able to run everything per normal.

    Here is a list of the crippled features
    As far as their legal advice think your mileage may varies and MS could cut off the updates if they feel like.

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