4 thoughts on ““Journalists””

  1. The media aren’t Journalists.
    They aren’t even people who idle gossip. They are vacuous persons that speak for their corporation.
    They like a typical poor quality sports announcers who are less informed about the sport they talking about. Any type of creature would be more interesting. They are prisoners who deserve to be in prison- but have managed to be less are interesting.
    They are the liars of fake news.

  2. Part if the problem is, journalism as a field pays poorly. I worked with a number of people in my IT career who went to journalism school. Most of the boys were managing art departments, most of the girls were in HR. One said, “I thought I would start at the NYT. When that didn’t work out, I went to my local paper, and they offered me $5 an hour. So here I am.” And now all of the local newspapers are staffed by intersectional feminists who will work for $10 an hour, with the expectation that when all the men are castrated, they’ll get a turn with the knife.

    1. journalism and actors are similar. The other arts are less well paid.
      If you son of president, you can get paid a lot to blow paint on paper.
      So far money one ha to good at it, or have some kind of “white privilege”. The media and Hollywood is mostly a result of connections/privilege- but Hollywood probably higher mix of talent. It seems children of Hollywood do slightly better talent wise than children of the Media. Probably because they need more skill/merit for them to get their jobs.

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