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  1. Not only is it a religion, but it’s a sh***y religion.

    The toughest ones are along the lines:

    You were born in sin (wrong race, or whatever) and you are going to hell. The end.

    But those don’t gain many adherents. The next in line (so to speak) are the ones that say:

    You were born in sin, but if you live an almost impossible life-style of incredible sacrifice and total unpleasantness, after you die, you *may* displace one of the elect 100,000 that are the only ones destined to avoid hell. But while you are alive all slots are known to be currently taken and exclude you. So work harder.

    Among these two I wonder were “wokeism” falls?

    1. BTW, I specifically chose those religions that more resemble “wokeism” based on a conscious choice by the practitioner. Rather than those that involve a third-party, like a deadly poisonous snake for example.

  2. “…I think we simply need to start telling people like this no.””

    I can think of a few other things to say to them.

    “it’s a religion but that it’s a bad one that focuses on an appearance of social justice purity at the expense of any good works.”

    Good works are slaying monsters and the shitty thing is there just aren’t that many monsters out there so they must be invented and the aspects of monsters scapegoated onto innocents.

  3. Scott Adams said CRT boils everything down to two types of people “a**holes and losers”. Well, better the former than the latter.

    To the woke, I would point out that CRT blames white people for being oppressors and casts their victims as virtuous. But to be an oppressor one must be successful at taking and wielding power, whereas perpetual, generational victims are obviously genetically incapable of doing the same. So I’d point to the utter futility of the effort. “Well, getting white people to act guilty will last six months to a year before they get tired of the non-sense, and then they’ll double down on oppressing people of color. Meanwhile, you’ll have convinced people of color to just stop trying, to give up, and grant that their lives are entirely dependent on white generosity or white indulgence. You’ll have taught everyone that only skin color matters, and that for the non-white, there is no hope of success. Congratulations, you’ve done more to advance white supremacy than anyone since Woodrow Wilson or that German guy with a mustache.”

    CRT is a fake atonement, where liberal white people are doing a victory dance disguised as repentance. They don’t have to actually give anything up, as evidenced by the lack of white liberal CRT professors at Ivy Leagues giving up their tenured positions so black people can take their jobs. All the liberals are doing is making a false show of solidarity with the minorities they claim to oppress, while castigating other white people for not similarly pandering with empty gestures.

  4. It seems like only yesterday that Tom Lehrer was singing National Brotherhood Week even though that was 1965. The smug moral supremacy of the “limousine liberals” that rode in, postured and then left all of the hard work for others as they proudly drove back to their wealthy lives.

  5. FAA wokeness: “FAA group urges move to gender-neutral terms, no more ‘airman’ or ‘cockpit’”

    Here’s the thing; cockpit is gender neutral. It derives from the concept of coxswain being the operator of a cockboat, which is just a small boat. The FAA recommends instead, the use of “flight deck”. Does a Cub have decks, such that one would be a flight deck? No. It is a small vessel most often operated by a person not to be confused as a full Captain of a ship, such as a coxswain.

    What we really have is ignorant people making up rules based on beliefs not founded on precedent. Beliefs indeed suggest a religion, but wokeness is full of zealots that have recently accepted these beliefs, because they are ignorant of what came before and the reality in which they exist today. And that’s being kind. For some are also using these believers to simply create chaos.

    Why the hell is the FAA Drone committee worried about a cockpit or flightdeck. Most drones have neither and are controlled by a Joystick (oh no, they may find that problematic too. Screw you, Arthur Edward George for attempting to patent your control column). The FAA Drone committee is already pretty controversial to most people as they attempt to render all airspace as controlled. So far, FAA’s inability to regulate the 737 Max certification has killed far more people than drones; and I’m certain the use of the term cockpit over flightdeck has killed fewer than drones.

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