9 thoughts on “The Agent-Escape Problem”

  1. Institutions are like dairy products — they have a very definite use-by date, past whch they need to be thrown out. Nor is it always necessary to replace them, exactly.

    Western civilization may be developing a huge case of lactose-intolerance…

        1. Not to worry…

          I’m pretty good at not taking much time to research & post stuff that >1/2 the readers won’t get anyway….

  2. I just saw a story of Nancy Pelosi bringing on Liz Chaney to make her commission into the January 6th protest a “bi-partisan” effort. If I take Nancy and Liz at their word, then why don’t we know the names of the heroes that defended the Capitol from this assault? We know the name of Chris Kyle. You can read “13 Hours” and get the names of those that attempted to defend Ambassador Stevens. Heck Morgan Luttrell, twin brother of “Lone Survivor” Marcus, is running for Congress. We know the names of these heroes, and they supposedly fought in wars that became unpopular a decade ago.

    Who is the hero that protected Representatives from Ashli Bobbett? Shouldn’t they be recognized by Congress by name for their efforts?

    1. A single shot was fired that day.

      Yes. We should know the name of the hero who single-handedly put down the world’s first totally unarmed insurrection*. We need it so we can put up statues to him and rename streets, schools and airports after the greatest Saviour of the Republic since Lincoln.

      * An insurrection that appears to have been organized by the members of Delta Tau Chi.

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