3 thoughts on “Brainwashing The Kids”

  1. WRT brainwashing children, that’s what public education was designed to do, and has done. Barely educated drones, able to read and write and do arithmetic, but not able to think much. Just fodder for production lines.

    Sending kids to school especially today is child abuse.

  2. The Marxist subversion of our education system took 40ish years and it will take that long to undo the damage once educational power has been removed from the Marxists. We need to focus on two areas, traditional education and informal education. Informal education can help deprogram people who went through Marxist training but intuitively question it and also provide tools to students currently in Marxist training. Traditional education will be harder because it means fighting at the PTA level, city councils, state legislatures, and also inspiring people to become teachers in order to counter the Marxists and displace them from the classrooms.

    The whole time this happens our friends to the left will be entrenching their position through censorship, deplatforming, societal excommunication, and cockblocking the hiring of any teacher who doesn’t adhere to Marxist ideology.

  3. I do wish everyone would call the marxists what they are “marxists” rather than “the left”.

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