On Independence Day

We now have an American government that is actively waging war on our liberty, but as Hannah Cox writes, true Americans were always extremists.

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On this 4th of July, we must rekindle the sacred fire of freedom.

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“Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?”

I am concerned that Jack and Zuck think that 1984 is a how-to manual.

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Should we draft the next Congress?

It would be hard to do worse.

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What the Declaration of Independence said and meant.

12 thoughts on “On Independence Day”

  1. The sad thing is that the tools exist to completely turn over the government peacefully and pass the torch to the next generations. The sooner we do so, the sooner we can start fixing the fundamental issues that the generation in power has been benign neglecting for quite a while.

    Were the youngsters to strategically use the tools they have at hand, they could collectively figure out who would be good candidates and then make sure the work to get them on the ballot. This would be necessary for every electable position up and down the spectrum, from City Dogcatcher to State Ombudsman to U.S. Senator. Sorry, but this government needs a serious colon blow enema.

    We have seen with Redditors that the younger folks can work somewhat collectively to try to achieve ends that frankly surprise me. Knowing how cancerous, rotted and foetid our financial system is down to its core, I just steer clear of it. They’re taking it head on. It’s a fool’s game, but I respect their determination and they are casting light into some of the shadowier areas of the marketplace.

    Anyone smart and talented enough to actually help lead such a thing is also intelligent enough to steer well clear of such a project. There’s a reason the real intelligentsia always disappear and lay real low when things start getting weird; they know better than to get themselves suicided by those with a vested interest in the status quo. History has demonstrated this countless times. So I place little faith in our ability to achieve what is actually needed to get this country back on track by putting it in the hands of those who will be living the aftermath of what has been wrought.

    1. I trust young people as much as I do old ones, barely at all. Old people have the advantage of having seen a few things and young ones the advantage of having seen nothing but it all comes down to the individual.

  2. Shit, that Facebook “becoming an extremist” crap was *real*? I thought sure it was parody.

    Another victim of Poe’s Law.

  3. Should we draft the next Congress?

    Well by law only 1/3rd of the Senate is up for election in any given election.

    But I’m thinking TWO YEARS of Jury Duty?

    Just about the time you get familiar enough with the system to do some good, you’re gone. Reminds me of the way we ran the Vietnam War.

    1. This would move us even quicker along the path of a figurehead government. You think you’re unsure of who is running the WH these days, think about a drafted Congresshuman…

  4. I am concerned that Jack and Zuck think that 1984 is a how-to manual.
    As am I. I addressed the issue on Jan. 6, 2021 when I was done forever with narratives in my name. I hear-by declare that day Social Media Independence Day. You are never more than a few clicks away from freedom.

    1. With the caveat that while you might not be interested in social media, they are still interested in you. The perverse effects on our society continue on regardless of whether or not we use it.

      1. I make sure FB blockers and tracking blockers are enabled in my web browser. This is insidious and ought to be illegal. Decent browers allow you to turn them off. If your’s doesn’t, get another browser. Next question I will pose to any potential Congress-candidates from my district. To win my vote the answer on this question is simple and binary.

        The problem with lawmakers is that they don’t understand tech. They get too enamored by the end result, not the foundational principles/algorithms. The law regulating tech needs to be at a higher foundational level, not down on what a specific product or company does or does not do. For example, drawing a rather broad law that says installing software on a person’s computer without their explicit consent is unlawful and punishable by civil forfeiture. Notifications must be clear and understandable, not a hidden assumption behind a button click on an unrelated webpage. Having somewhat vague commercial transaction laws on on-line conduct, yeah a real disincentive in some respects, in other respects do these tech giants *need* more incentives? Sounds like to me they need more deterrents.

  5. WRT brainwashing children, that’s what public education was designed to do, and has done. Barely educated drones, able to read and write and do arithmetic, but not able to think much. Just fodder for production lines.

    Sending kids to school especially today is child abuse.

  6. Nothing is more American than being anti-American, especially on Independence day, unless you criticize the Democrat party then its off to the gulag.

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