“The Worst Speech Of Biden’s Presidency”

The most amazing thing about this op-ed is that it comes from CNN. And hey, the presidency is still young. I’m confident that he will top it. And this is your occasional reminder that Bob Gates said that Biden has been wrong on every foreign-policy issue over decades (and that Obama warned us not to underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up). But at least there are no mean tweets.

30 thoughts on ““The Worst Speech Of Biden’s Presidency””

    1. No kidding. And it should be pointed out that the vampire who wrote the speech is upset that more young American men aren’t getting put through the meat grinder.

    2. A week later, his speech in Pennsylvania is nearly begging for a Civil War and at minimum he is pretending he’s in one.

  1. CNN allowing an editorial that doesn’t wax rhapsodical about Resident Biden? There’s a snowball fight raging in hell as we speak!

    1. They (The Left) still control the House, Senate (sort of) and the White House (at least they can turn the lights on off in the POTUS’s office even if nobody is home). When the Election nears they will resume their bodyguard function.

  2. What’s everyone’s problem? The US military managed to lose Afghanistan with fewer annualized casualties than Korea, Vietnam or Iraq. If the trend continues America might actually win a war in this century.

  3. It is nice how threatening to use f16s and nukes against america is considered a nice tweet now.

      1. Notice that Mr. Biden didn’t threaten gun enthusiasts with F-35s?

        I was worried for a moment there that he would threaten the use of 5th generation fighter technology with spatially integrated sensor data against American citizens.

    1. It is nice how threatening to use f16s and nukes against america is considered a nice tweet now.
      Against American Citizens. The only thing missing in that speech was him reciting that en sotto voce. That would have been the perfect sound- biteBiden to use in an opposition campaign ad….

  4. Idiotic article. There never was a reason to have a long-term presence in Afghanistan. Unlike Vietnam, where there was a goal (Containment to bankrupt the USSR) which was more-or-less achieved.

      1. Based on prior performance? They’re likely investigating American Citizens on American soil

      2. Assassination in Haiti and protests in Cuba, what is the CIA up to?
        Come come Wodun. Where is your analyst hat?
        It’s obvious, foment enough unrest so that when the corrupt regimes have to flee, they come to Key West and become undocumented refugee Democrat voters and CIA operatives! Geesh. What’s to even think about here? Bay of Pigs in reverse. Invade America and get free stuff for life!

        1. Think of the savings to US taxpayers! Having hundreds if not thousands of Soviet trained Cuban agents the US doesn’t have to pay to train, but rather already up-to-speed, ready to go as soon as the pontoon ’52 Chevy pickup trucks hit the beaches! To crackdown on all those US citizen insurrectionists….

    1. That NYT capture is… words kind of fail.

      Shouting “Freedom” and other anti-government slogans, hundreds of Cubans took to the streets…

      Perfect follow up too – a pic of Orwell – “Boy did I call it or what?”

      1. Here let me fix that NYT capture for you:

        Shouting “Freedom” and other obscenities, hundreds of Cubans took to the streets…

      2. It was really strange reading the Twitter replies to some of the Cubans tweeting about the protests. The Progressive Fascists with the red roses in their name were mystified that Cubans weren’t getting good healthcare and weren’t happy with their government. You could see the wheels spinning but all you could smell was smoke as they stroked out trying to deal with their false reality imploding.

        Thankfully, the AP and other Marxist media in the USA like MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and comrades were there to drop a lifeline that the problems were really because of American sanctions. According to them, the USA stopped Cuba from getting any COVID vaccines and makes them turn off the electricity and internet.

  5. A lot of mixed reactions across the political spectrum on this. I think if we are unwilling to to what is required to win, then we need to get out. Getting out means America continues on much like always as Afghanistan never had any impact on our day to day lives, except for those whose families are over there. It also means Afghanistan will experience mass death and suffering.

    When we look to pin the blame, the people primarily at fault are the Taliban and Afghans. Biden’s hands aren’t/weren’t tied on getting out but we had Presidents from both parties who wanted to do essentially the same thing. Politicians played a role in all of this but so did our military leadership who have the best equipment and the finest fighting force in human history and were unable to develop a strategy for victory. All the top leadership across all the branches need to be fired.

    They can go teach leadership seminars to businesses, become lobbyists, sit on boards, or whatever corrupt endeavors they traditionally engage in, just gtfo of the military. Our leadership pipeline used to be our greatest strength and now it is broken.

    P.S. The State Department is populated by functional retards and a bunch of them need fired as well. A lot of the failure to rehabilitate Afghan society is because the State Department is a dumpster fire.

    1. State’s loyalty has been suspect for longer than I’ve been alive — see Hiss, Alger.

      SecState was Thomas Jefferson’s first office under the Constitution; I wonder if his weird notions about an ideal political order (he had no direct input to the Constitution) were the seed of the department’s long-warped view of America vs. the world.

    2. P.S. The State Department is populated by functional retards and a bunch of them need fired as well. A lot of the failure to rehabilitate Afghan society is because the State Department is a dumpster fire.
      We can’t fire them! Not now. Now that the Russians have put a bounty on their heads! They have to stay for at least as long as the next election! To hold Russia accountable for it’s actions!! Oh wait…. Sorry, wrong Presidency/Department/Disinfo-Narrative…

  6. While not generally favoring long term troop commitments overseas, if the lid was being kept on Afghanistan w/2.5k troops & minimal casualties, along with the ability to respond quickly w/both troops & material to the area in case of need, President Biden made a poor choice.

    1. A good move would have been to feint a withdrawal and sucker the Taliban out from their hidey holes where it would be easier to target them. It would have created a battlescape that plays to our strengths and forced the Taliban to fight in the open.

  7. Right now, I’m thinking of the 2007 Time Magazine cover photo of the Afgahn girl who had been mutilated by the Taliban.

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