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  1. Who needs ships at sea when you have a promotion check list with boxes that need to be filled?

  2. I’ll defer to NavyNuke on this one. Although the claim is that the sub-surface Navy isn’t suffering as much from this.

    The problem is, you don’t lose a surface combat group in the abstract. You lose it in the process of something else going on. Like an invasion of Taiwan for example.

    1. We will be like the Soviets and have all of our ships sitting in port rusting away while we get more and more officers (zampolits) in the Human Resources/Diversity Enforcement™ offices.

    2. IDK – IIRC it’s been quite awhile since a sub ran into another ship, or aground.

  3. The good thing is that Marxists never ever fight with each other so by our military adopting Marxist ideology, we are protected from the Marxists in China. I believe this is called Trotsky’s Law.

  4. Too woke for war? Heck they seem too woke for peace. Yet another casualty fire aboard a US Navy ship while tied to a dock in a CONUS shipyard. At least this time the ship won’t have to be decommissioned afterwards.

  5. I’m from a multi-generation military family. This political correctness BS is going to get a lot of military personnel killed, and not just the next time the shooting starts. This lack of focus on military skills was likely a contributing factor in many peacetime deaths including Navy ship collisions. I’m not willing to risk my grandchildren’s lives on the altar of political correctness. Should any of them express interest in joining the military, I’ll actively try to talk them out of it. Let those who are pushing this crap risk themselves or their kids for a change. My family has done enough.

  6. If anyone cares about commentary from old sailor types on this report, I would just direct them to CDR Salamanders blog.

    My only comment is that I wish Senator Cotton and the Congressmen had been a bit more thorough and not have made comparisons with NAVAIR and Submarine areas without an equal number of interviews from each. While I would assume the Silent Service has been better than the surface forces at maintaining high standards, it is an assumption without first hand knowledge.

    1. I found it very troubling when one of the GOP, I think it was Cotton, said that they haven’t been paying attention to the military promotions they approve, that the approvals usually happen at the staff level, and maybe they should start paying attention.

      The Democrats pay attention to these things and their staff is an extension of their ideology, even in the military.

      A great number of colorful metaphors escaped their chains the day I read this.

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