5 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe’s Death”

  1. This doesn’t really advance the idea of a Monroe “hit” very far. Conrad Robert Murray was Michael Jackson’s personal physician, and was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over Jackson’s death. He had Jackson on Ativan for performance anxiety, and the surgical anesthetic propofol as a “sleeping pill.” Jackson took 8 Ativan while Murray was with him, and after Murray left the room, gave himself a massive dose of propofol. The combination killed him. I doubt if the CIA was involved. Jackson’s music wasn’t a material threat to the state.

    On the other hand, it’s rather frightening to read about how the government regards murder.

    On the third hand (a mutant?), the author, Nick Redfern, writes about all kinds of “unsolved mysteries,” such as the Loch Ness Monster – which he argues is a supernatural being.

    I know, I know – his arguments have to be evaluated on the basis of his evidence, and the logic he uses in reasoning from them. His evidence supports the conclusion that the CIA knew how to kill people and make it look like suicide. But a celebrity died under the same circumstances, and it wasn’t by intent.

    A lot of people figure out how to kill themselves and make it look like it was by natural causes or by accident, so as not to invalidate their life insurance. I knew a diabetic who injected a month’s supply of insulin to commit suicide, but the death certificate didn’t reflect that. That the CIA figured out the same thing doesn’t provide evidence of any foul play in Monroe’s death.

    For my own part, I always found Ayn Rand’s take on Monroe’s death to be more than reasonable.

  2. “Assassination of persons responsible for atrocities or reprisals may be regarded as just punishment. ”
    No, it’s illegal punishment which deserved far more severe legal punishment of the criminal who decides to punish anyone illegally.
    Murders are minor issue in comparison.
    It’s a High Crime. Which doesn’t just apply to some idiot criminal officer, but to his superiors which allow such criminal to be empowered to do this high crime.
    Of course consequence is seen, the FBI is worse than a pile of crap. Severe punishment is needs to applied to FBI. But it won’t and the disease spreads and worsens.

  3. This doesn’t seem relevant at all. Everyone knew already that CIA kills people, and it’s interesting to see how they describe it. But how does this affect the Marilyn Monroe case? Whoa, the CIA knows about drugs!

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