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  1. Biden says citizens are killing people if they give an opinion unfavorable to universal vaccination. Question that needs to be asked of the Administration: Are undocumented immigrants being released for future deportation hearings being given vaccination prior to entry into the US? If not, why?

    1. They did let the ones who had COVID free, probably with a military escort to whatever part of the country demographics need changed.

      1. Ron DeSantis answered my question. I’m sure Congress will now impeach Biden for killing Americans based on the speeches he is giving and the actions of his Administration. Just like #MeToo believed all women and got Cuomo run out of office.

  2. The Pacific Princess crew and passengers turned out to be prophetically accurate regarding the spread of the virus, who catches it and who is at risk of serious illness or worse.

    The claim is that as many as 5 out of 60 Texas legislators-in-exile test positive for the virus despite being vaccinated? They show no or mild symptoms?

    This would be a benchmark test of vaccine efficacy in preventing (or not) serious illness as well as transmission as well as “breakthrough” of variants. That is, if the legislators stopped being civic-minded and started invoking “muh medical privacy!” as it is also claimed they are doing. And then there is the question whether politicians of any state and any party are capable of giving straight answers to anything without running things through a partisan filter.

    OK, OK and yeah, yeah and yeah, the COVID is just a cold or a mild flu, the swab test is replete with false positives, the lockdowns were worse than getting the disease, the vaccines are harming more people than the disease, the vaccines don’t work or are wearing off, masks are completely ineffective (especially when we see a planeload of smiling people sans masks). “Long COVID” is nothing but malingerers, and so on.

    Did I miss any of the important positions on this issue?

    That said, I would for once really, really like to get some straight answers from someone, especially about the Texas exiles, to find out the risk of an airline trip, and whether a vaccine “breakthrough” offers risk of long-term disease. Some of us around here are getting old and have medical risk factors and seriously don’t want to catch this thing.

    1. I’d want to know which vaccines the legislators took. I selected J&J for some very good reasons based on deep personal knowledge. If you live in eastern Europe, get SputnikV. Sinovax doesn’t seem to work.

      It’s also worth remembering the most of the covid deaths were in closed populations such as nursing homes and prisons. Nursing homes are already known to be deathtraps (most season flu deaths are in nursing homes) and prisons… well. I’m 70 and plan to die in my house. If I somehow wind up in prison, dying from covid is probably better than having Bubba, Leroy, and Laputa taking turns.

      1. To paraphrase Mr. Spock relating an answer given to a question he posed to Dr. Daystrom: “When I asked him about Sputnik I-IV, his answer was: ‘Not entirely successful.'”.

    2. That is a good question and it is too bad that our media isn’t rational or serious about the plague. Does that mean the plague isn’t that serious or that it is serious and they are so corrupt that they would destroy society rather than help everyone deal with the virus?

      Why wont the media discuss and inform on the virus in an objective and rational manner?

      I’m leaning toward corruption but it could also just be corruption.

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