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  1. Most of us on the right have little use for Bezos. Even his work in new space is of limited value. On the other, a space flight that can include just about anyone (if a woman old enough to be my mother can fly, anyone can) is pretty damn cool. Compared to what SpaceX is going to do in September, it’s small potatoes. Still, it’s something that might have impressed Al Shepard and Gus Grissom.

  2. “One politician who did not indulge in this nihilistic blather was the president of the United States. “This is a moment of American exceptionalism,” said his press secretary, Jen Psaki”

    What a racist statement from the President and his mouthpiece.

    A future where Bezos is giving people like Van Jones hundreds of millions of dollars isn’t one I am looking forward to. We just have to hope, and put some work in to help, that other developments counter stuff like this. Does Bezos think he can buy off the Marxist revolutionaries? Is Jones going to stand up against his comrades in media and government for Bezos?

    The op-ed makes a glaring omission. Bezos supports the policies and people the op-ed criticizes. The phone call is coming from inside the house.

  3. Sounds like background noise from those who can’t.
    But I like Tulsi Gabbard’s take on this particular flight.

  4. Wow. The hatred is thick – not towards Bezos, but Musk…

    Comparatively, who has done more to get humanity into space? Not throwing shade at Bezos, but he’s made a suborbital tourist flight. Branson has flown a few people on a high flight.

    Musk? Delivers NASA astronauts to ISS.

  5. And the Socialists waste no time in trying to rake in the money:

    ” Shortly after New Shepard landed, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, announced his intent to introduce legislation to tax commercial human spaceflight launches that lack a scientific purpose.

    “Space exploration isn’t a tax-free holiday for the wealthy. Just as normal Americans pay taxes when they buy airline tickets, billionaires who fly into space to produce nothing of scientific value should do the same, and then some,” he said in a statement.

    His proposed Securing Protections Against Carbon Emissions (SPACE) Tax Act would levy a per-passenger tax on space tourism at two different rates: one for suborbital flights and a higher rate for orbital flights.”

    1. My understanding is that airline ticket taxes and taxes on aviation fuel goes into a trust fund to support the air traffic control system along with aviation navigation beacons?

      But maybe knowing that is specialized knowledge to someone on Transportation and not known to anybody on Ways and Means?

      If the government is to supply infrastructure to space flight, by all means levy a ticket tax? Or levy a tax on rocket propellant?

      1. “If the government is to supply infrastructure to space flight, by all means levy a ticket tax? Or levy a tax on rocket propellant?”


        Why do you assume that if the government is involved, it necessitates a tax?

        This is a deep down assumption that must be rooted out.

  6. I like the fact that another billionaire built a system that lofts people on suborbital flights. The more the merrier, I say.

    Competition and innovation.

    Yes, I know the two sub-orbs don’t match Musk’s accomplishments but that’s ok too. The more action that occurs for space travel the more action you’ll generate.

    And I’m especially pleased for Wally Funk. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone but I especially wanted this ride to be a total success for her.

    I was astonished to read this:

    This is a moment of American exceptionalism. That’s how we see it,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a July 20 briefing.

    “American Exceptionalism”? I thought that was völlig inakzeptabel völlig Verboten schlechte Gedanken (Bad Think)

    1. You know what else is exceptional for America? Bezos and the other tech billionaires seizing the mainstream communications channels to keep certain viewpoints away from the populace.

      1. There is a lot Bezos does that is annoying. Like giving $100 million to Van Jones.

        But I give credit where credit is due and I think in the case of building and flying Der Dicke, – I’m glad Bezos did it.

  7. Calling these “suborbital” is kind of an understatement. They went up, then down. SpaceX’s flight to Hawaii will be suborbital.
    Comparatively speaking, do others agree with me that I would feel a thousand times safer on Blue Origin than on Virgin Galactic? Virgin Galactic’s ship looked like it was held together with chicken wire. Blue Origin isn’t a ship at all, it’s a capsule, nothing to explode or come apart. The main point of failure (once it’s up) seemed like worrying if the parachutes would open.
    On the video, it was hard to tell if the capsule would clear the booster, made me nervous. Are they really much farther apart after separation?

    1. Not a thousand times safer but, sure, I’d feel safer in the BO Der Dicke capsule than the VG Bent Boom Baby. The VG craft needs human interaction and a mistake by the humans could be (and was) fatal. And the VGBBB is a little more complex than the Der Dicke capsule but that’s ok too. In fact that’s good.

      No balls; no blue chips.

      Still, I like the fact that the VG-BBB is a wholly different design which explores wholly different methodologies. That’s what I want to see. And yes people can get hurt or killed.

      Someone wrote a book about that, I think.

      So if I was offered a free ride in the VG-BBB or BO-DD, I’d take the BO-DD. I would like those civilian Astronaut wings, so I’d go.

      If I was offered a free ride only in the VG-BBB I’d have to think very long and hard. And I might conclude that the risk is not worth the wings.

      1. Another thing, I can see how to beef up BO, assuming you’d want to: just give it a (much) bigger booster with a lot more fuel. How is anyone going to beef up VG? It’s nice that it starts up so high and fast, but what do you do to increase that?
        I guess no one is going to ask how you “beef up” a Ferris Wheel, but still… seems like a dead end.

        1. “How is anyone going to beef up VG? ”

          Good question.

          Will you need a larger carrier aircraft? Or is that already sized for bigger payloads?

      2. Eh, you could hang a third stage off the VG craft, or put one in a bay. Obviously not a Falcon competitor, but could be an interesting alternative to Relativity/Electron?

  8. Let’s look at the differences:

    On the one hand, we have billionaires that have created a business designed to provide leisure to those that can afford it. It’s a business that pays taxes from profits yet certainly costs a lot to create, thus probably has yet to make a profit. And those billionaires are certain to try out the products they created, which few can afford and benefit even less. In the meantime, hundreds of STEM talent employees have had a job, paid income taxes, and advanced technology that will benefit the world whilst they learned new things that will lead to greater developments in the near future.

    On the other hand, we have politicians that determined some people essential and others not. Those that were essential had to go into work, pay taxes, and pay expenses, while have less time and access to leisure. Those deemed not essential had to stay home, were told they couldn’t leave their home for leisurely things, and if they left their home for any reason, they had to put on a mask. Leisure included attending a funeral of a loved one, visiting a relative in the hospital, telling a parent in a nursing home that you loved them, attending church, or even getting your haircut. While the politicians were often caught on luxury vacation at exotic resorts, eating dinner with friends and donors while not wearing masks, and getting their hair done.

    I have no love from Richard Branson or Jeff “aka Astronaut” Bezos, but their desire to experience life didn’t come after demanding everyone else forego it. Well, not sure about Astronaut Bezos, he probably did both, but for certain Rep. Pramila Jayapal can fuck off with her marxist bullshit.

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