A Partial Victory In My Lawsuit

The case was dismissed against CEI, but I remain on the hook. This is a huge blow to Mann, though, because the primary targets were always CEI and National Review, whose case was similarly dismissed months ago. The nine-year anniversary of the blog post was last week…

[Update a few minutes later]

Here is CEI’s press release.

[Update late afternoon]

For those interested in the history, here are the filings through 2019.

12 thoughts on “A Partial Victory In My Lawsuit”

  1. “having argued in defense of the scientific “consensus” on climate change and in favor of a carbon tax, among other measures to address the climate threat. ”

    Pity. How many lolbertarians at reason favor these types of government schemes?

    One of these decades, the issue will be settled, both the lawsuit and gullible warming.

    1. and in favor of a carbon tax,
      As determined by who, for the benefit of whom? Grift-graft at its worst. Hardly a libertarian POV. Shame. Shame.

      1. I would argue Jonathan H. Adler who is “…in favor of a carbon tax” as a Law Professor and political commentator is someone that believes that it’s Other Peoples Money™ that will be wasted — Not His Tenured Salary! The Carbon Tax is regressive taxation hurting the poor most as it makes everything more expensive.

  2. The process punishment shall continue until you cut down all the trees on your property and offer rings cut from the trunks of those trees to the wizard of data hockey as your own personal symbol of contrition.

    1. Wasn’t that a Star Trek Enterprise episode? The Capitian’s dog had peed on a sacred tree.

  3. Aw, jeez. I cannot believe this is still going on.
    I wish you strength and perseverance, Rand.

  4. I’m undecided as to which is the most appalling; that this ever ended up in court in the first place, or that’s it’s dragged on so unconscionably long.

    I’m currently leaning toward the latter being the most reprehensible aspect. Clearly, this is a case of “process is punishment”. This is a clear and present danger to everyone.

    Rand, I am truly sorry that you have been PERSECUTED FOR A FREAKING DECADE for exercising your right of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

    1. “Rand, I am truly sorry that you have been PERSECUTED FOR A FREAKING DECADE for exercising your right of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.”

      Yes, and by people who claim to be the fiercest defenders of free speech.

  5. This reminds me that I should add something to your Tip Jar as I have for Mark Steyn, but your “donate” button seems to not work.

    1. That’s great, and I’m glad you’re covered.

      I read some of the links from the Volokh Conspiracy’s author on his migration to the dark side of climate alarmism, and am really alarmed at the lack of critical thinking exhibited. Reason has really turned into a left-wing cesspool in some ways, and “climate change” is one of them.

      Where do we go for protection anymore?

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