5 thoughts on “The Real Threat To Democracy”

  1. It seems our banking system is more trustworthy than voting system.
    I would roughly say, our banking system has made progress and adjusted to a changing “reality”. Just as one say the automobile is better than 100 years ago. One might be fond of a car which 100 years old, it’s not safer, or more dependable than newer cars.
    US needs a better election system, it also needs better immigration
    system. And polling in general also sucks and lots of things, But though one claim immigration is huge mess and problem, a better election system is far more important. The past is a land of better election systems, just as the past banking was any better than present. But we should continue, and of course, follow US Constitution- unless one you want follow the process in which one can legally change it. Or States can determine how it’s done and can be laboratory towards better the system- which unfortunately can not be done with immigration- which remains a Federal disaster.
    As far as elections, I mostly blame republicans for failing to protect our Republic, or failure to make our Republic more of a republic.
    Or preserving a republic is not dogma, it’s constant action or fighting. And it’s something international players are attacking.

    1. I propose a Know Your Voter requirement. The Democrats already wanted to eliminate secret ballots in union certifications. They were more right than they knew.

  2. “Republicans are right to demand election integrity laws, but it does not help to re-litigate the 2020 election.”

    Sure it does. How can we stop the cheating if we can’t point to examples of it?

    “…But if we disagree on the very methods for securing an election, and if we cast doubt on the legitimacy of elections…”

    Both sides have always distrusted the other, and for good reasons. That is why we have protections like observers and it is time to enhance those protections to meet the challenge of the times we live in.

    “Time magazine may have provided a hint when it published an astonishing story about a “cabal” and a “shadow campaign” that pulled the levers behind the scenes in the 2020 election.”

    Yeah, Democrats don’t think there should be private prisons but there should be private elections.

    1. Think how (quote) efficient (un-quote) the voting process would be if you applied the “Card-check” system: once you register as (D)emocrat then you always vote (D)emocrat and there is no need for those messy secret votes and polling booths. Of course there will be preference given to (D)emocrat registered citizens in the future because “Citizen ‘X’ is a Party member in good standing.”

  3. I’m one of those weirdos that think voting is a responsibility of citizenship, not a convenience. Not a fan of mail-in votes. Were I election czar I would:
    -require paper ballots
    -you can only vote at a designated voting site on voting day (okay with moving that day to Sundays)
    -do the purple finger thing
    -have the National Guard monitor and secure voting sites and handle the security of the ballots during and post-election
    -have automatic audits of all sites verifying votes cast to votes logged
    -ask the League of Women Voters to start publishing and distributing their election guides like they used to do
    -set up debates that include all of the candidates on the ballot, not just the privileged parties
    -it’d be nice to use a smart system to de-gerrymander voting districts, but that would be a tough sell

    Do I think our voting system is broken? At this point yes, but that’s in the context of a broken political system, a broken financial system, a broken healthcare system, badly neglected infrastructure, a broken educational system, a broken free market system, and many other pathologies afflicting our body politic.

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