11 thoughts on “A Nice Story”

  1. I’m seeing more and more stories with evidence that many animals know that human hands and fingers give them something like super powers that those animals cannot match. They may know they are stronger, but hands are simply a super power that is subtler. It seems as if someone should be able to test this systematically, though I cannot construct, in my head, a program to do it.

    1. I’m waiting for the seal rescue guys over on YouTube to start getting volunteers from the local seal population just kind of hanging out when they see them to have the netting and fishing line and other general detritus cut from around their necks. That would, to me, be a strong indicator that the seals are figuring out the benefits of these nimble-fingered monkey folk and communicating it to each other.

      I do wonder about the concept of “Uplifting” animals, and the extent to which they are well along that path irrespective of the monkey boys’ involvement.

      1. You may be referring obliquely to a terrific sci-fi story from physicist David Brin on that very concept, “uplifting” animal intelligence to human levels. If not, I would definitely recommend “Star Tide Rising”, “The Uplift War”, and “Sundiver”.

        1. Exactly what I was referencing. But in a weird twist, I also wonder if perhaps dogs and cats (and maybe dolphins for the water monkeys) have been tasked with uplifting us hairless monkey folk to animal levels of intelligence…

  2. Totally unrelated…. but SpaceX overnight reportedly installed 29 Raptors on Super Heavy 4. That just seems to me to be an incredible feat!

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