3 thoughts on “Christian Denominations”

  1. “Frozen Chosen”? Yup, now I understand why I’ve always felt so at home as a Presbyterian. Another thing about them – they say if you’re going to have a heart attack, the best place to be is in a Presbyterian worship service. There’s guaranteed to be a doctor no more than a few feet away!

    1. Being a Presbyterian is less troubling than being agnostic because it frees one of the burden of doubt. Industrious people really don’t have time to care. And as you mentioned, it’s a great way to find a good pediatrician or surgeon.

      I’ve been thinking of joining the Dutch Reformed Church because they were in America before Plymouth Rock, but I can’t find one that holds services in Dutch. I don’t speak Dutch any more than the average English speaker does, so I would kind of get the gist of some of what they say while most of it would go in one ear and out the other. I think that would be ideal for listening to a sermon.

  2. Hilarious – both the “article” and the above comments.

    I’ve always thought that if one assembled the top 100 Christian denominations in one room, one could expect no more than 99 of them to agree on anything, and that one thing would be that Catholics aren’t Christians.

    The “religion” I was raised in wasn’t mentioned. Enough said.

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