The Vanishing Legacy Of Barack Obama

Matt Taibi’s post-mortem is withering:

Obama was set up to be the greatest of American heroes, but proved to be a common swindler and one of the great political liars of all time — he fooled us all. Moreover, his remarkably vacuous post-presidency is proving true everything Trump said in 2016 about the grasping Washington politicians whose only motives are personal enrichment, and who’d do anything, even attend his wedding, for a buck. Trump’s point was that he, Trump, was already swinishly rich, while politicians have only one thing to sell to get the upper class status they crave: us.

Well, actually Matt, he didn’t fool us all. He never fooled me.

10 thoughts on “The Vanishing Legacy Of Barack Obama”

  1. “but proved to be a common swindler and one of the great political liars of all time — he fooled us all.”

    It doesn’t say much about Taibbi if he actually believes this.

    1. Well as you see in your quote, Taibbi supplied himself with an out:

      Poor old Taibbi was fooled. Bamboozled. Tricked.

  2. As I was saying back in 2008–anyone who moves to Hyde Park in Chicago in order to learn to be black is by definition a grifter and a fraud.

    I lived there for four years, back in the post-Daley ’70s, when it was the whitest and safest part of the South Side. A friend in my dorm with a background and skin color similar to Barry’s said that south of 63th St, he was more likely to be beaten and robbed than a honky like me.

  3. The corpse at every wedding.

    The bride at every funeral.

    No matter who he is, or what he does, it’s just about him.

  4. I was willing to give him a fair hearing back in the day, but once he rolled over on the FISA bill I knew exactly what kind of politician, not statesman, he was – one who would never get my support.

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  6. Actually I hope Obama’s legacy never fades…it’s a fine object lesson on the stupidity of people, the venality of politicians, the dangers of a partisan press…The lessons here abound. I could go on for many paragraphs.

    1. Biden’s “election” has proven that no one has learned anything from Obama’s object lesson.

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