13 thoughts on “Farewell To The Bourgeois Kings”

  1. Lots of word, but roughly Dems are dead.
    And I would Trump the destructor actually killed them.
    What interesting is the bit of what replaces the Dems.

    1. Oh, and then:
      Linked from:
      Not too surprising.
      But it says more about Dems than says about people actually wanting to vote for Trump.
      Can’t we just say Trump did his job, and elect someone else?
      If Trump could bring order, and pick the pieces, I guess he be ok for another 4 years.

  2. It seems a valid argument that the managerial class has screwed the pooch. The themes reflect my own thinking on “experts” in nearly any domain.

    What I’m most curious about is what form of power replaces it. Will we cycle back to monarchy? Maybe Trump was the forerunner of a new entrepreneurial type of ruler. Or maybe decentralization (my favorite).

    1. Decentralization is my favorite also.
      Small central management and, as much as possible, localized decision-making by the branch offices… Federalism. A company I worked for had the novel idea of choosing the best Maintenance Head among the branches for the top position, giving him a 20% raise and a “ticket to fly” expense account so he could “help” when he wasn’t running his own shop— instead of hiring a suit with a six-figure salary to sit at corporation headquarters and annoy the secretaries.

    2. We don’t need to do anything drastic, other than replacing all the Ivy League graduates with people who didn’t graduate from the Ivy League, and who had a real major instead of a degree in wokeism.

      1. It goes well beyond the Ivy League schools these days…

        Nope, I’m thinking VOTEC. We just need to get a handle on the symbolism used. Rather than recite complementary ideas in foreign affairs, we weld them! We plumb the depths of an issue and place traps where appropriate and bleed off valves where necessary. Let’s wire up our economic house and make sure we plane and sand to get a smooth, square relationship amongst our allies. Anyone without a masters license in a specific trade need not apply.

  3. William F. Buckley is often quoted as saying, “I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.”

    Buckley was a Yale man, a fact often elided by those who use his remark as an indictment of credentialed elites in general — but I think by now the more generalized interpretation, even if WFB didn’t actually share it, is nevertheless incontrovertibly the correct one.

    *Sprinkle random “uh”s and “um”s through the above paragraph to taste.

  4. Repealing the Administrative Procedure Act, which delegates Congress’ power to legislate and the Legislative Branch’s power to adjudicate, to the Executive Branch’s various Departments and Agencies, is an absolute necessity. That one Act undoes the entire United States Constitution, and makes us into whatever throwback kind of country whoever seizes power makes us. Congress has no constitutional power to delegate its own powers, and absolutely none to delegate the powers of any other branch of government. But they did it.

    That unelected government officials (actually, employees) have the powers reserved for all three of the “separated powers” branches of government, and thus of the Monarch of any throwback political system, is apalling.

  5. Agreed. It’s the end of the progressive, know-it-all foreign policy, JFK legacy style.

    But what will we get in it’s place? An even worse, know-nothing foreign policy? I have zero confidence in our ‘elite’ institutions. We should withdraw from the UN, ask them to re-site their HQ to Geneva not because it was probably the right thing to do 30 years ago, but now on the grounds of incompetence.

  6. Great article linked to. Now we just need to throw the managerial class out. (Or drive them out) (or something more permanent)

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