14 thoughts on “Still Think Joe Isn’t Too Old?”

      1. Well, Rand, I’m not so sure about that. This is the guy who said this in 2016, and continued to rant about it right up to, probably, today.

        “Get this through your thick skulls, Trumpkins: #NeverTrump doesn’t mean #MaybeTrump. It doesn’t mean #NeverTrumpUnlessCruzDropsOut. It means just what it says. #NeverTrump.

        Take a look at that first word, since it’s obviously giving you problems: Never. That means not ever. Not even once. Not in a million years. I will not vote for Trump, and I will not pretend it’s a good idea to vote for Trump. I dissent. I refuse. I will not do what you want me to do.”


  1. Disliking Trump doesn’t disqualify one from seeing what a cluster fornication Biden is. I’m guessing a lot of people would be willing to endure mean tweets and narcissism to get back to 2 dollar gallon gas and a foreign policy that didn’t look like it was crafted by our enemies.

    1. Biden is for sale, and he is cheap.
      And probably could buy him with ice cream.
      But in addition he got a bunch uneducated kids running things.

  2. Hilarious, the NeverTrump gang of cucks and retards pretending they weren’t all in for this. Norms restored!

  3. “He was never much of a man to begin with, and now he’s just a shadow of one.’
    He was as Madam Pelosi has said a glass of water with D on it.

    A glass of water is not a man or even a human.
    It is politician.
    Pols are creatures, which become further degraded over time.
    Biden been at it, a very long time. He not even comparable to
    most politicans.

  4. —What Does Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Mean?
    Home » Phrase and Idiom Dictionary » What Does Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Mean?

    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Meaning
    Definition: Having power corrupts a man, or lessens his morality, and the more power a man has, the more corrupted he will become.

    This idiom means that those in power often do not have the people’s best interests in mind. They are primarily focused on their own benefits, and they may abuse their position of power to help themselves. If you follow the thread that absolute power corrupts absolutely, you can believe that monarchs—those with the most authority—have the least amount of morals. Kinder souls would be found among poorer, less influential people.

    Naturally this is not always the case, as there are many examples of kind and good leaders. Of those who are corrupted, it is it is hard to distinguish whether the power corrupted the man or the men who were drawn to power were already corrupted.—

    No, it is always the case.
    Power makes always people evil.
    And there is no exception.
    The American “solution” to this paradox, was to have balancing power- or have powers compete with other powers.
    But power is mostly an illusion.
    No human ever has had much power.
    So political power is largely a fantasy.
    But this fantasy, corrupts.
    Or if person is brainwashed to think they have enormous
    power, that is all it takes to be corrupted.
    An an important aspect related to this is a person having no accountability.
    So UN is filled with evil people, yet they don’t have much power- but they do have tons of unaccountability.
    Bureaucrats, can’t get anything done, but have lots unaccountability.
    To paraphrase someone, a Senator is horrible person to deal with
    unless he has a very strong wife and children keeping him firmly in check.
    So even an all powerful “good” king, can have people who keep them in check. And if held in check, then they know they aren’t all
    powerful, they are accountable.
    So, if you have accountability and competition these are medicines which help stall the morale decline of a person. But they are not cures.
    As there no cure for a drug addict if they are continuing to take the drug.

    1. The US had George Washington, who refused absolute power on at least three different occasions, and set a precedent that even the most avaricious President failed to exceed until *spit* FDR (although Wilson certainly would have done the same, if given the chance).

  5. This is a very apt description of the Biden administration:

    Kakistocracy – government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.

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