6 thoughts on “Thanks, Facebook!”

  1. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and all the other social media companies have always allowed Islamist content to exist. There used to be a group of people who used to go through great efforts to seek out this type of content and then mass report it in order to get it taken down. Often, even when these companies had the examples delivered to them, they would still leave it up. This has been an issue going back to 9/11.

    Two reasons why this happened. Our government didn’t want it taken down for BS “reasons” and these companies’ executives are sympathetic to Islamofascism. Neither of these groups treat Americans this nice.

  2. You realise this will now be used by the gov that they need back-door access ASAP to stop this in future.
    They could have blocked all Afghan IP addresses, but didn’t – I guess they planned this or were too busy checking on those ‘domestic’ terrorists.

  3. An alternate theory is that Facebook left it open at our government’s request, and the Taliban used it to feed our government disinformation.

  4. About 12-14 months ago a USS Indianapolis Facebook page I am a member of asked for members to post details, pictures etc of their family members who were aboard Indianapolis when she was sunk. I posted a picture of my cousin who died in the sinking along with a link with some details about him. Last night, for a yet to be explained reason, that year old plus post was determined to be “in violation of Facebook standards”.

    Meanwhile I know there are countless posts on Facebook praising BLM, Antifa, communism, the Taliban etc etc that are never flagged.

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