12 thoughts on “Why Jews Vote Left”

  1. “They haven’t adopted another faith tradition like Christianity, but instead have embraced secular leftism as their politics. ”

    I suspect that a big reason Jews vote Democrat is that they are steeped in Democrat identity politics and believe all the racist stereotypes Democrats inculcate society with.

    “We must communicate to the Jewish world that conservatism is not only in harmony with their true values, but a necessary element for the survival of American Judaism.”

    Sure but you must also communicate that the identities that Democrats assign to other people are not true.

  2. Part of it is because they are overwhelmingly urban. They vote the same party as their neighbors.

  3. Never understood this about them. Very enterprenurial people who would be destroyed whenever the political philosophies they champion dominate a society. Is it some legacy from eastern europe?

  4. It is a puzzle. But I think that Jews aren’t really Jews, is the main issue. Or said differently, they perceive or think that tradition doesn’t work. And if Jews are not tradition what are they? They were tradition before Roman empire existed.
    How about slightly different take, family and the strong role of women in family. It’s not limited to Jews, it’s widespread, problem.
    One could make quite long list the factors involve. But Left is assaulting it, and have been doing this for long time. But not sure if Left is just mostly eating the road kill rather being a cause if it.
    One thing is idea that the world is overpopulated, but it seem late on the chain, might just something like maggots on something dead. Obviously the holocaust, and generally, the whole soviet, never ending train wreck, has not helped.

  5. I have heard the same response countless times from Jews who currently support the left: “I don’t agree with everything on the left, but it’s safer for me as a Jew with them than with the crazy anti-Semites on the right.”

    That is the height of idiocy. There is simply no analog on the right to an Ilhan Omar, or a Rashida Tlaib, or a Raphael Warnock. (And someone like Louis Farrakhan…ugh.) You can’t argue with someone who says that, you can only tell them they’re uninformed and encourage them do try harder.

  6. I think the real reason Jewish people don’t support Donald Trump is that they don’t want to be labeled “Orange Jews.”

  7. How many of these (quote) Jewish (un-quote people are as Jewish as I am a seafaring Viking? *Hint* My ancestors left Scandinavia for Scotland centuries ago…

    People that treat being Jewish like visiting a smorgasbord where you can choose the dishes you like and ignore the rest…

  8. There was an article in National Review a while back which pinned Jewish voting patterns on status seeking or identification with the college graduate/professional class. I agree with that and it also explains why East Asians also vote Democratic. In addition, we’re talking about secular Jews because observant Jews tend to go GOP, so I’m not entirely on board with the Rabbi’s analysis.

    If I am right in my surmises, the solution is to get to work de-politicizing colleges. Something the right constantly whines about but does nothing to make happen.

  9. My theory is that people remain ethnically Jewish even when they become secular and reject religion. But how do they keep their cultural connection when that is inherently bound up with the religion. What they do is to make a nominal religion that allows for disbelief while claiming to still be a part of the faith / culture. So, leftist Jews are mostly (not entirely) those who have rejected the constraints of the original Jewish religion and now have the alternate purpose which is the rejection of tradition moral constraints which is leftism = Democratic party.

    Any attempt to explain that Jews tend to vote left based upon distant historic actions on the part of conservatives is overlooking what motivates most people on the left.

  10. Jews exist as a “people” because Judaism supports a policy of matrilineal descent: “If it came out of a Jewish pussy, it’s a Jew.” Prior to the discovery of genetics, there was no other way to certify descent. Matrilineal lines expand, because the true identity of the father is irrelevant. Patrilineal lines contract unless the identity of the mother is made irrelevant. Examples of these facts include the Parsis (contracting toward extinction because a Parsi is only the child of two Parsis) and the Mongolian “royalty.” In the generations after Genghis Khan, a large number of Mongolian “princesses” existed to be traded about. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but genetics shows that Jewish populations quickly assume the genetic identity of their host populations (which means you-know-what). The exception, of course, is the cohen-associated Y-chromosomes.

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