26 thoughts on “Hey, Biden Voters?”

  1. Why should Americans be “regretful of their failure”: Americans didn’t actually choose this guy. This was a coup-detat by an organized band of oligarchs.

    I’m pissed at leftists too, but it’s way beyond demanding the remorse we know these psychos cannot feel at this point. This country has political prisoners in the capital, one of which has been beaten to the point of needing hospitalization, many of which have been pressured to sign political confessions and denied their constitutional rights and access to counsel.

    We have people in jail awaiting rigged kangaroo court trials for defending themselves from violent assault by Leftist mobs.

    We have economic refugees fleeing the imposition of economic centralization, imposed under cover of dealing with the COVID pandemic. We have a burgeoning totalitarian secret police composed of “contact tracers”, soon to have interstate travel control and internal passports. If Klaus Schwab gets his way we’ll have freaking transponders chained to our ankles as we go about our day.

    All of this needs to be fixed – these are serious problems. It’s not about remorse, it’s not about counting coup in the eternal culture wars we’ve had with these power-mad maniacs, internal mental states are irrelevant. We need this entire infrastructure of corrupt power and control razed to the ground. All the corrupt judges, all the corrupt law enforcement agencies, all the corrupt election officials, the multinational corporations and rats-nest of NGOs that have profited from this looting of the ruins of not just our country, but the entire western world.

  2. “The California recall is going to be the first test of whether people who voted for Failboy are going to rethink it. Poor Gavin Newsom – which is a contradiction in terms – is the lab rat for this experiment. And when Governor Larry Elder gets sworn in, as polls say he may, we’ll know that people have begun to repent of their failure.”

    If he (Elder) gets elected. I have my doubts we will get an honest fair election in California; picture massive no.’s of illegal aliens voting, even if they have to bus in new ones from Mexico. That and mail-in-voting fraud palooza.

    1. There have already been cases of people stealing ballots. In one case, they had the master key to all the boxes in an apartment building.

      1. “There have already been cases of people stealing ballots. In one case, they had the master key to all the boxes in an apartment building.”

        Automatic registration of folks who may not have wanted to be registered (assuming they actually exists and are still alive). Mail-in ballots sent to people who didn’t ask for them or want them & no doubt to multiple different addresses for same, who knows who actually opens them…
        Poll workers sent to your home to make sure you received said ballot (& register you on the spot if need be) that you didn’t ask for/want and to “help” you in filling it out “properly”. If somehow that doesn’t work; well ballot stuffing in the dead of night and the “discovery” of vast no.’s of “uncounted” ballots that need to be properly tallied if we want and “honest”, “fair” election.

    1. “At least one of them showed up in comments.”

      If its comments your a wanting…

      “Matthew Kent
      AUGUST 30, 2021 AT 5:11 PM
      Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence/Stupidity.”

      Bryan Lovely
      AUGUST 30, 2021 AT 5:25 PM
      A sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from stupidity.

      Bryan Lovely
      AUGUST 30, 2021 AT 5:31 PM
      Correction so that makes sense:

      A sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

      There, that’s better.”

      And finally:

      AUGUST 30, 2021 AT 6:31 PM
      You may be underestimating their stupidity and incompetence. Although malice is certainly a possibility.

      Even if it is malice, though, it’s still stupid. What could they possibly be trying to accomplish that is best served by such a blatantly obvious goat-fuck?”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  3. “It’s ‘hard to exaggerate’ how ‘dangerously bad’ US President Joe Biden is”

    Sky News host Andrew Bolt says it is “hard to exaggerate” how dangerously bad US President Joe Biden is.

    Mr Bolt said, “the world is at a dangerous tipping point”.
    “You’ve got America – leader of the free world in obvious decline.
    “You’ve got China, the biggest dictatorship in history, on the rise – wanting to be top dog.
    “And now, at this dangerous moment, the US gets a president who’s obviously senile.
    “It’s hard to exaggerate just how dangerously bad Joe Biden is”.


  4. Joe Biden to be impeached ‘as sure as night follows day’
    As soon as the House reaches 218 votes, as sure as night follows day, President Joe Biden will be impeached, according to Curtin University Professor Joe Siracusa. This comes following expectations that the Republicans will regain a majority in the House of Representatives after the mid-terms.
    “If they had their druthers they’d impeach Hilary Clinton too,” he told Sky news Australia.
    “But yes, we’re going to have that kind of turmoil.”


  5. Impeach Biden and Harris after 2022 midterms (assuming said election isn’t stolen). Or just Harris if Biden is forced into resignation before (increasingly likely) said ’22 election. Grounds for inpeaching Biden would be obviously incompetence/dereliction of duty; pretty much the same for Harris primarily her complicity in hiding Biden’s obviously cognitive decline from the American People. Pressure the Senate with massive unprecedently large amounts of public pressure to remove one/both from office. Elect a new speaker of the House before such removal. New speaker and therefore next President probably wouldn’t be Trump but you never know.

    1. I suspect that one reason Harris is kept out of the lime light – shipped off to Vietnam and reporters are kept away from her – is to give you the impression she has nothing to do with the Elite’s Afghanistan Debacle.

      She wasn’t around when decisions were made.

      So that if they toss Gropey Joe under the bus it will look like Harris had nothing to do with the reasons why. It keeps their options open.

      it would be difficult to impeach her if she were busy posing in front of the Ho Chi Minh statues while Biden ruined everything.

      The “guilty” party will have been punished (Gropey Joe) and whew we are glad they got rid of that loser huh? Long live the Democrat party.

      1. “She wasn’t around when decisions were made.”

        That might work maybe; perhaps. But the mess at the border was supposed to be fixed by her; how is that going? Also once you are prez the honeymoon period is very brief, especially if one is of the same administration. When/if Biden is forced out by years end inept Biden would be replaced by Harris. She will not distinguish herself with her handling of the blood bath to come in Afghanistan, the border crisis and the economy. And if the Republicans take over after November ’22; expect many investigations etc. preceding the inevitable calls for impeachment. What did president (Harris) know and when did she know it?

        1. Tim what I’m saying is that Harris is probably safe from impeachment on Afghanistan.

          But you are right on how Harris would perform if she became prez.

          1. That’s a pretty huge number that agree with impeachment. –One of the reasons? Biden is finally finding no real cover in the media, there’s been a lot of honest reporting and a lot of truth is coming out when it comes to Afghanistan.

            But, at this point, the only thing that’s really saving him on that in the public’s mind is that his replacement is Kamala Harris, who the public also has a great deal of concern about. People are still very hinky on the concept of her taking over from him.–

            So. Kamala Harris should impeached now, on basis as she failing her one job, being able to become President if Joe drops dead tomorrow.
            She is not qualified, ever one knows it, she is just one many of Joe’s mistakes.
            If Joe does die, and she replaces him, she will be removed from Office.
            So, she has already failed to do her job, we don’t need to see her a President, for more evidence of her non qualification.
            So would say much safer to get rid of her, first.

  6. “Growing Number of States Demanding 2020 Presidential Election State Audits”


    Touches on allot of what has already been said. At (03:38) it mentions that Fla, Mich, and Penn have trended together since 1932 but somehow not in 2020. To me another one of the keys is that Trump got 11 million more votes than he received in 2016 (7:15) and somehow loses to a man who barely campaigned from his basement. This will not very likely change the election results (SCOTUS won’t do anything regardless) but it sets up calls for Impeachment/resignation.

  7. I voted for Biden knowing his views, and that he would be a puppet of his handlers, despite being a conservative who first got into politics as a 7 year old volunteer for Goldwater back in 1964. No regrets, I knew that voting for Biden would mean that I voted for a s**tshow, and we have a doozy of one.
    I didn’t vote for Donnie because of mean tweets, but because he was clearly incompetent at running the country, or rather Jared and Ivanka ran the country while Donnie went about making speeches and letting the Israeli government run US foreign policy.
    I also voted for Biden because Donnie is despised by most of us in the contract engineering community, having a record of hostility toward us spanning decades. In 2016, I voted for Donnie, because I didn’t want Hillary, and because I decided to give him a chance to show that he wasn’t a total fool.
    I was wrong; he was more of a fool than I could imagine, so in 2020 I voted for my class. I was working a contract assignment for a major defense firm, and in a parking lot with hundreds of cars, I only saw one or two Trump stickers. No one in my section would admit to supporting him. Most of us preferred to focus on the work, rather than on idle chatter.(Best rate I ever had, on a program that Donnie tried to kill.)
    I tend to agree with a few internet writers, such as SilverDeth and the Zman, with regards to this buffoon. They listed reasons why Trump was a disaster for the country.
    No regrets, and I freely admit to voting for Biden, although I’m not on any social media. But in person, I don’t hesitate to say that I supported the puppet, rather than the moron. My wife voted for Trump, and that was fine by me. She’s a devout Christian, whereas I’m lukewarm at best, and tending more toward agnosticism.

      1. “You erred.”

        Agreed; but:

        “I also voted for Biden because Donnie is despised by most of us in the contract engineering community, having a record of hostility toward us spanning decades.”

        It is really tough to vote for someone who is perceived as hurting your own personal/professional bottom line; especially if the animus is deep, long term and obviously has become personal.

      2. The correct expression spoken in the asthenic voice of the nearly 1000-year-old Grail Knight, “He chose . . . poorly.”

    1. letting the Israeli government run US foreign policy.

      The only thing I can connect to that is moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Seriously? “He’s a moron, he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. I’ll take the puppet instead, he would never have done something that stupid.”

      Thanks for the lulz.

    2. LOL. Looks more and more like a classic Concern Troll : “I was a life-long Republican before Trump…”

  8. All through the Obama nightmare years (i.e. all 8), to the present nightmare that is the Biden administration, the ratchet of what the
    left was willing to do in violation of both law and reason increased.

    Also increasing was their willingness to allow the violations to be reported. To see the light of day.

    Maybe it was hubris – that the MSM would have their backs and there would be no consequences.

    Maybe it was to boil the frog in terms of getting the public to accept lawlessness and fiat to be the norm.

    I confess to not knowing their thinking.

    But it sure seems to me that they don’t care what they show. They can do whatever they want, no matter how lawless nor stupid is is, and get away with it.

    Unless, of course, it serves the greater purpose. Unless, of course, it’s time to get rid of someone.

    Like Weinstein

    Like Cuomo

    Like Biden.

    Now we see ABC, CBS, NBC castigating the horribly botched pullout. Looks like it’s Time’s Up for Biden.

    We are in Big Big Trouble with a capital T.

    I can imagine that there are military personnel who hate what the military has become. What are they going to do if the military is pitted against the populace?

    That could bring on a Civil War.

    1. The networks?

      “President Biden with his successful evacuation that ended today brought to an end after 20 years the longest war in American history.”

      The interesting thing is that when explaining setbacks and even the military disaster at Dunkirk to the British people, he didn’t “spin” these as victories. The idea of the Dunkirk evacuation being some manner of a success came some while later, and not from Churchill?

  9. The Ratchet:

    Obama and Hillary Clinton leave several American citizens to die in Benghazi. Lifts not one finger to help them. There was a lot they could have done.


    Biden leaves hundreds of Americans stranded – yes Psaki stranded…in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan.


  10. And to further lower our spirits:

    Democrats Are Remaking the Federal Courts at a Record-Breaking Pace

    “With the narrowest of Senate majorities, President Biden is remaking the federal courts at a record-breaking rate. Biden has successfully confirmed twice as many federal Circuit and District Court judges as any modern president had at this point in their presidencies. The record pace isn’t because Biden is making nominations more quickly, but because the Senate, with the help of Lindsay Graham, are confirming them more quickly.”


    Thank you very much Lindsay Graham; reason enough to want to jettison Biden to say nothing of his many screw-ups with no doubt more to come if he stays in office. And we haven’t even gotten to the soon to be attempted court packing.

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