8 thoughts on “Austin And Milley Must Resign”

  1. Maybe Milley this time can and ought to walk over to St. John’s, with the President, to seek some guidance. Not holding my breath…

    1. He sure moved a long way from the military shouldn’t appear to be political after being castigated by the DNC media for daring to walk to the scene of a hate crime perpetrated by Democrats.

  2. Did anyone cross-reference this list with the one of flag officers who wrote that letter saying how bad Trump was?

    Resignation is too kind for these guys. For one thing, it requires they have some honor and integrity, which they don’t and we know they don’t or they would do something other than resign that is more fitting for the dishonor they brought to our country.

  3. Milley should be escorted to a locked room, given a revolver and one round.

    But that would require honor… Perhaps guts too.

    But of all those medals that Milley wears, not a single one of them is for anything resembling valor. His Bronze Star is for being there….Not for valor.

  4. Time for a general-icide. Remove all O-6’s and above, and all senior grade NCO’s E7 and above.

    Then get back to business: Which is supporting the US Constitution and defending America and Americans.

    1. I suggest the Afghanistan Evacuation Ribbon and Medal. The medal in the shape of a toilet seat and the ribbon should be the color of surrender. White background with the blue lettering of the Taliban State over the top with a vertical red stripe commemorating those who died or were left behind.

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